Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In Saudi Arabia, 1st Ramadan for the year 2016 is expected on......

Due to the latest technology and research employed in the astronomy field, now it is not very difficult to predict the day when moon is expected to be sighted. The moons of 1st Ramadan, 1st Shawwal and 1st Dhul Hijjah are very important for Muslims all over the world. However, sometimes all the predictions of the astronomers prove wrong and we have instances when moon is sighted on the day it was not predicted. Islamic calendars are published before the beginning of the Islamic Year based upon expectations of astronomers and many a times they also prove to be wrong.

Coming back to the topic, the first moon of the Ramadan is expected to be sighted on the evening of Sunday June 05, 2016 and consequently 1st Ramadan will be on Monday June 06, 2016. Muslims all over the world (especially in Arab World) would be fasting on this day. Astronomers said that the moon will appear on the horizons for few minutes only and disappear after that.

In this way, the Shaban will be of 29 Days. Astronomers say that there are very many chances of moon being sighted on the evening of Sunday June 05, 2015. There is another reason to believe that the prediction made by the astronomers is correct and it is the fact that the Rajab (the month before Shaban) was of 30 days. Most of the times when one month comes for 29 days, the following month is expected to be of 30 days.

Working Hours during Ramadan
It is very important to mention here that working hours during Ramadan are reduced to 36 hours a week and 6 hours a day as per Article 98 of the Saudi Labor Law. However, there are some other peculiarities of this article which can be read in detail in this link “Working Hours and Overtime Calculation in Saudi Arabia

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