Thursday, June 11, 2015

41 Women Embraced Islam in Saudi Arabia

Islam is truly a beautiful religion. Throughout the history, Islam has never been spread by the sword or by oppression; instead the beauty of Islam is what attracts more and more people. Today Islam has become a religion with one of the highest number of followers and believers. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered to be the home of Islam. The two Holy mosques in the religion are located in the Kingdom and it is in these lands that the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) started preaching and thus Islam was reborn out of the age of ignorance. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has upheld their duty towards Islam and currently has the largest number of preachers who travel the world and spread the right message of Islam. They also remove misunderstandings that many people in certain areas of the world have relating to Islam.

These preachers not only travel abroad to preach, but also travel within the Kingdom and deliver sermons and lectures. People of other religions are not imposed to hear these teachings and lectures by the preacher, but the beauty of Islam attracts these non Muslim people to listen and some of them, just after 1 lecture or sermon, accept Islam.One such incident happened in north Riyadh, where female volunteers invited non Muslims to embrace Islam. Muna Al-Khaldi, who is the director of the women’s section of a Dawah office in northern Riyadh, commended the female volunteers when they managed to convince forty one women, who belonged to five different countries, to embrace Islam. These forty one women embraced Islam at the Dawah office.

The efforts of these female volunteers are truly commendable, and this is the true way of spreading the beautiful message of Islam. These volunteers spread the message of Islam throughout the Kingdom by visiting non-Muslims and just talking to them, sharing information with them which educates them about the religion Islam.

In today’s day and age, we often find the media focusing on the more extremist factions of so called “Muslims”; however stories such as these are rarely reported in the media especially in the western world.

The extremist way of making people embrace Islam, goes against the basic rule that a person must believe that there is no God but Allah, and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was the last messenger of Allah. Acts such as the ones carried out by the volunteers need to be recognized and awarded by the respective authorities and also the Government.

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