Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Famous Slaps of Bollywood Celebrities

Many celebrities from all over the world have often done certain deeds which has caused them great embarrassment and made an impact on not only their careers, but also their own personal lives. Celebrities are like all of us, they often lose their temper or lash out, however the image that is created of these celebrities, makes those actions that more shocking and strange. Below we have compiled a list of Bollywood celebrities, who were embarrassed by their actions.

First on this list we have singer Mika Singh. Mika Singh, who is the younger brother of famed Punjabi singer, Daler Mehndi, is known for his “MACHO” image. The singer, who was busy performing at one of his events, got into a dispute with one of the people who had come to see him performing. Mika Singh, after a verbal altercation with the man, whose name was Shrikant, slapped the young man. Shrikant was an ophthalmologist, and had been employed at Ambedkar Hospital, and due to the slap suffered from injury to his ear.

Next up on this list we have one of the most famous actors in the Indian film industry, Salman Khan. Khan, who has a massive fan following in his home country, has also experienced a similar slap, when a party crasher slapped him, at his own party. The young woman was the daughter of a prominent businessman from Delhi and was so intoxicated that she also verbally abused Shushmita Sen and Sohail Khan at the same party, before making her way to Salman. The woman has promptly escorted out of the party, by private security.

Prominent Funnyman Govinda is next on this list of celebrities embarrassed by slaps. The actor is one of the best comic actors as well as a veteran in the field. Govinda, who is always seen sporting a smile on his face in the movies, allegedly lost his cool during one of his film’s shootings. During the shooting of his movie “Money Hai to Honey Hai” the veteran actor slapped a visitor on the set as he was accusing the veteran actor of misbehaving with his actresses and other co-stars.

Next up on this list we have up and coming actor and one of the best dancers in the Bollywood industry, Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who always sports a very cool composure, lost his composure when he was coming out of a temple, just before the release of his movie Kites. The massive crowd of photographers and reporters caused the actor to lash out a bit and push and shove his way through the crowd just to reach his car.

Finally we have Gauhar Khan on this list. Gauhar Khan is a prominent Indian socialite. She was slapped by one of the audience members of a game show, who had accused her of wearing a very short dress.

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