Monday, June 1, 2015

65°C - Expected Temperature during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Contrary to the popular term used in the epic and immensely popular TV show Game of Thrones, winter is coming, in fact it is getting too hot day by day, as summer is here. Now, there are those countries, which are blessed, as they experience moderate temperatures during the summer time, however coastal cities and especially those countries which are near the equator, the coming of summer is dreaded since the beginning of the new year. Ramadan is also almost here, for those who do not know, Muslims all around the world spend the days of the Holy month of Ramadan fasting. Fsating has many benefits both spiritually and health wise.

Muslims cannot eat or drink anything from early morning, or Fajr prayers, right up until evening, or the Maghreb prayers. Those who are not used to the idea of fasting may think this to be an impossible task; however millions of Muslims every year perform fasts and also go about their daily routines or jobs. When summer and Ramadan combine, these provide a great problem for those who intend on fasting during the Holy Month. The hotter it gets the thirstier and more fatigued you get, which makes each passing second more difficult than the last. Everybody is aware that temperatures in the Gulf region are on the higher side during the summer months. It is estimated that in the upcoming month of Ramadan, the temperatures could rise up to 65 degrees Celsius, in several areas over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Climatologist, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Ghamdi, has stated that the temperatures in the shaded areas of Saudi Arabia, will also reach up to 50 degrees Celsius, while those directly exposed to the sun will experience much greater temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius. The Climatologist Al Ghamdi has added that this year the summer will enter from the Northern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, round about June 21, and even the sun will be vertically over the Kingdom which will expose more areas to direct sun, thus increasing the overall temperature.

The climatologist, Al Ghamdi, added that the hot temperatures in Saudi Arabia will be further added upon by the depression coming in from the Indian side, which will increase the humidity and the feeling of heat during this Holy month of Ramadan. The climatologist however claimed that not only do the changes in season affect the temperature in the Kingdom but also some other things from within the Kingdom.

Al Ghamdi stated that the harmful carbon emissions from the huge number of cars present in the Kingdom and also from the factories situated in the Kingdom will cause the temperature to rise as well as the humidity which creates the effect of feeling hotter than it actually is. Those who are steadfast will be fasting in this month; however it is important to realize that these temperatures can easily cause a fasting human to get dehydrated and unconscious or even damage their own health.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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