Monday, June 22, 2015

7 Best Jobs for Women in Saudi Arabia

If you are a female and in search of employment, you might think that men have far more employment opportunities than women. Even if this might be true, there are still a lot of employment opportunities out there for women, and it is nothing to be worried about. Today I am going to share the best employment opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia.  If you are equipped with knowledge of your field and are confident about yourself then these jobs are for you. Even though these jobs are demanding, they will add to your personality and CV.

7 Best Jobs for Women in Saudi Arabia
  1. Health Care Staff which includes both doctors and nurses are always in demand. Saudi Arabia has a vast amount of hospitals which require staff. If you are a nurse chances are you will find a job faster than a doctor. Being in the medical field allows you to get fast and easy employment especially in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Teaching staff and lecturers are the second most in demand. Being a teacher allows you to pursue various opportunities within the teaching sector. Depending on your skill set, you can either be a general teacher for English or Maths or can be a specialist teacher in Sciences like Chemistry, Physics and also Psychology which is a social science. Job opportunities can be found in the classified section of a newspaper easily.
  3. The 3rd most in demand career is that of Sales staff. The Sales jobs for women often include placement in customer services department of different companies. For this sector of employment one must possess good communication skills and also be a good team player. For sales persons you have to be determined to achieve your target.
  4. IT Jobs are in demand all over the world. Nearly all offices require at least 1 member of IT team who is in charge of looking after the computers and the local area connection network within the office. This particular field has a great chance of growth.
  5. Consultants are categorized into different fields. There are marketing consultants, Healthcare consultants, Banking Consultants, Risk Management consultants and every other type of consultant one can think of. Females are now being employed as consultants as they have proved that they can provide equal time amongst all of whom they are consulting for.
  6. Receptionists with good looks and good communication skills are also required in great demand. Being a receptionist gives a great confidence boost and also a learning opportunity from your fellow colleagues at the workplace. A receptionist has to deal with many people with different mindsets and attitudes and has to relay great amount of information hence only a person with high tolerance for people’s behavior should apply for the job
  7. The job of secretary is mostly delegated to females. This is because a female has a greater tendency to be organized and to handle several things at one given time. Again one must possess a cool and calm personality and also ability to work under pressure.

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