Monday, June 8, 2015

7 Natural wonders you may have never heard of

World is full of several stunning sights which are beyond imaginations. God has urged us to discover beauties he has spread all over us. The whole world is complete in its own perspective but few wonders are just heart throbbing.  The list of world’s 7 most amazing wonders is as follows;

Rainbow Mountains, China: These Mountains are comprised of rainbow colors. The sight gives a feeling as if a painter has put all colors on a stroke, pink, yellow, green, and blue, orange, red and many more. This sight has been increasing the beauty of China since 24 million years. The peaks of mountains are made up of several layers of sandstone.

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon:900 meter long Grotto is an underground stunning canal in Lebanon. From 20 Kilometers north of Beirut this canal is visited by hundreds of visitors every month. The ships flow inside the underground hall which comprised of 108 meters in length. It has measurement of 8.2 meters inside the canal and the interior gives an outlook of ancient hall belonging to historical Greeks or Romans.

Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan:  This place is also known as hell door. 75 meters deep, this burning spectacle came into existence after a drilling blunder. The fire keeps on burning 24/7 hours. The researchers started drilling in the quest of natural resource of gas which collapsed and resulted in excretion of methane gas. The fire spectacle could not be stopped afterwards till today.

Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – A Sea of Salt: It is located in southwest of Bolivia where this salt sea comprises of 10,582 square kilometers of small islands of salt. This sight is famous for its hypnotizing beauty. It came into existence due to transformation of few lakes. Not only beauty, this island is a huge source of salt as well with 70 % of world’s Lithium reserves.

Stone Forest, China: Stone forest is a 300 square Kilometers wide area in China with prodigious landscape. It came into existence about 270 million years ago. It displays unique landscapes with carved stones situated at short intervals of forests. It has a part associated with it known as “Museum of Stone Forest Karst.”

Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania: Sahara desert is world’s largest desert with extreme conditions and mesmerizing sceneries. It is a huge landmark presenting an outlook of barren land which is emerging from a sea of sand.  It is a dome with high degree of sand circulation several times a day. This circular movement is normally 40 Kilometers in diameter.

Hillier Lake, Australia:  This Lake is situated at the middle Island in Australia. It gives an outlook of large bowl filled with a lavish drink. The surrounding of lake is filled with sand and paper bark. Eucalyptus trees add to the beauty of this lake further. These places are major wonders of nature which have unique and stunning sceneries and features. These are worth visiting sights and entertain thousands of tourists every year.

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