Saturday, June 27, 2015

7 Unknown Facts about Jeddah’s Bicycle Bridge

The government has paid grave attention for construction of modern infrastructure of Jeddah city. Buildings, parks, bridges, roads and public places are reconstructed. Some places are symbols of modern KSA being oldest renovations on the face of Jeddah city. Municipality of Jeddah has made it sure to attract tourist and expats by construction of radiant buildings, bridges and parks. Bicycle model is one of these oldest sculptures of infrastructure which was placed for commuters 30 years back.  Now government has built a bridge on the intersection of Rawdah Street and King Fahd Road in Jeddah (Google Map).  Bicycle bridge story has amazing facts. Few of them are;

  1. World’s largest Bicycle: The bicycle sculpture is the largest in the world with a total height of 15 meters. It is designed by a Spanish architect Julio Lafuente. It is world’s biggest bicycle, due to its enormous size the bridge in surrounding is named after its name.
  2. 30 years of stand out: 30 years have gone since bicycle sculpture is standing in surrounding of this bridge. It is one of the oldest symbols of addition in Jeddah infrastructure after unification of Kingdom. Due to its significance and fame, another bridge is soon to be constructed in its surrounding with the name Al- Falak Bridge.
  3. High cost of construction: Bicycle Bridge was a mega project which costs approximate SR 28 million for construction of this iconic infrastructure. It resolved the passage issue for inter-city roads and provided great ease for travelers. Despite of huge construction costs, cost benefit analysis of bridge show that it has earned grave comfort for citizens.
  4. Lengthy and wide: Bicycle Bridge is a two way bridge which is 583 meters long. It covers wide areas of surrounding with a width of 13.5 meters for each side road.
  5. Ease in Traffic flow: The Bicycle Bridge is aimed to be constructed in order to ease the flow of traffic towards Jeddah Islamic Port, King Abdulaziz International Airport, and Balad. Being two sided it has also helped in ease of traffic flow instead of multi lanes on a single road.
  6. Iconic Bridge: Government of KSA has made 24 huge bridges in recent 5 years. Bicycle Bridge is one of those mega projects.
  7. Bicycle symbol: This Bridge is named after Bicycle sculpture it crosses in its surrounding. This sculpture has been standing here for 30 years.

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