Wednesday, June 10, 2015

9 Reasons Why Having A Sibling Is One Of Life’s Biggest Gifts

Sibling is the best companions on this planet. They are a complete package of livelihood. A sibling makes us experience love, anger, bonding, competition, jealousy, fun and much more. They are best friends rather act like worst enemies at times. Siblings share everything ranging from their closets to car. A stay for long time together creates an everlasting attachment among siblings and it impacts us for whole life. Being blood relations, they are somehow most trusted people. People who don’t have any sibling feel lost and incomplete. In short they are one of the greatest blessings of God.  Everyone have their own experiences regarding their stay with their siblings but few facts are common among all.

9 Reasons Why Having a Sibling Is One of Life’s Biggest Gifts
  1. They are surely there to protect you in case you have committed some blunder. If you have broken an expensive crockery piece, they would share you burden of fear by lying to mom (Mom!! I don’t know what made it broken)
  2. They are so concerned and sincere in their advices and never wait for us that when we will ask them for their opinion. In case a color does not suit you or a new makeup product seems unsuitable on your face, a sibling has no hesitance to declare it void for you.

  3. They are so honest for their opinions regarding our looks even up to the extent of cruelty. They don’t know how to formalize things by using flowery words to make us stop from wearing a specific outfit. The simple gesture of response from them is a clear rejection without any formality.
  4. They are your best crime partners. You have every reason to trust them in your violent activities. They would not only help you to get your target but would actually cover you by all means. Trust me!!
  5. Things are going wrong? Have no one to blame on? No worries!! Don’t you have a sibling?  If yes, feel free to put all blame on you sister or brother. They will happily handle the situation for you.
  6. Siblings are easy targets to get rid of your anger, frustration or worries. If you have no one to fight with, sibling is a best option no doubt. He/she would not only fight with you fairly but would try to calm you down as well.
  7. Siblings are better than any other bodyguard of the world. They will let not even a single occasion to go without protecting you by boosting in front of people (Hey you!! Just try to mess up with my sister/brother then I will show you how to break a nose in single punch (Sounds scary))
  8. The company of a sibling longs for lifetime. Years pass on but your siblings stand beside you forever even through long distances or busy schedules.
  9. They are future beloved uncle or aunt for your children or stunning grandmother or father for grandchildren. You need to keep you history clean, otherwise they are going to tell all your blunders to you generations (Be careful)

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