Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ban on Veil of Muslims in France is too Oppressive, Isn't it?

The issue of Muslims Women and the veil has been a topic of great debate in the western media, while some have called it oppressive, some have incorporated it into fashion and completely changed the sole purpose for which the veil was essentially worn, to hide. This debate over the veil is most prominent in France where Muslim women have been banned from wearing the veil in public. One French woman, MalekLayouni, was the victim of this no veil rule. She was obviously not thinking about the consequences of wearing a veil or headscarf, and she took her 9 year old son to an amusement park near the city of Paris, however it turned out the veil would be quite a problem.

The local officials of the area blocked the path of the veiled Muslim woman from entering a beach which did not allow dogs, drunks and any type of religious symbolism, which included the headscarf. The woman, Mrs. Layouni still feels shy and embarrasses at being turned away from the beach in front of her neighbors and friends, and especially because she did not have an answer for her son who kept asking what their fault was. The first anti veil law was passed 10 years ago in France, which banned Muslim women from wearing the veil to public schools. These headscarves which are traditionally black in color can be found in a wide array of bright bold colors and it has become one of the most key points in the growing tension amongst the Muslim population of France. Even the main politicians of France push forward towards completely denying veiled Muslim women from access to schools, universities, jobs and also life in their community. These politicians state that this is done in order to keep the church or any other religion separate from the state.

The critics claim that these laws have further divided the Muslim community in France, from the other religions and have also promoted the feeling of oppression and prejudice against the Muslims. Critics also claim that this ban plays well for some extreme Islamists who plan to further aggravate and distance the Muslim community of France from the others

However these Muslim veiled women are not only being persecuted by the law, but this law has also fuelled anti-Islamic rants and people are making life hell for these women. The women have had to face abuse, they have been spat on and some have even gone as far as to removing the veils off of the Muslim women.

Things got out of hand when some Muslim women who were veiled were not allowed to pick their children up from school or chaperone outings of their child’s class. There are also reports of some stores or outlets particularly searching veiled women every time they enter the store. Some women in Toulouse were also violently beaten up, even though she was pregnant at the time, and had to be hospitalized after being beaten by a young man, who called her a dirty Muslim.

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