Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Saudi invents bicycle to avoid accidents at Night Time

The bicycle is a common mode of transport for people in most third world countries and even some first world countries who are conscious about the damage inflicted upon the environment by the emissions from cars and other automobiles. The bicycle is considered as a poor man’s mode of transportation in third world countries however cycling enthusiasts all over the world are now changing this image of the bicycle.  Although the bicycle is by far the most efficient mode of transportation it has a lot of drawbacks. Due to the lack of indicators, headlights and protective measures, people do not feel comfortable riding bicycles on either busy roads, along fast traffic or out at night.

One such bicycle enthusiast has gone one step forward and introduced a brilliant method of overcoming all these handicaps associated with bicycle riding that will allow you to be safer and more visible to other vehicles that may be travelling on the same road as you. This young Saudi man has become extremely popular amongst other bicycle riders when he made his cycle illuminate by the help of a projector lamp. The light from the bicycle has a 5 meter range and is covered by cables which are linked to a 3 volt capacity generator which illuminates the entire steel frame of the bicycle.

The young Saudi mans project is centrally aimed to encourage more people to adopt cycling as a mode of transportation and even as a hobby, as cycling is one mode of transport or hobby that helps keep you in shape (other than walking). The aim of the project was to also allow cyclists to venture into the outdoors by reducing their chances of accidents and providing them adequate lighting to be spotted from a distance. The light bulb in the bicycle is battery operated and has a life of 4 hours per day.

Al Anzi, who is a young Saudi behind this incredible invention, has stated that the equipment which he has designed has been used by him on his personal bicycle for the past year and a half. Al Anzi further added that the entire setup of the lighting system on his bicycle cost him round about SAR 450 only. This man without doubt had prior knowledge or technical skill before he attempted to make up this design which would benefit all those bicycle enthusiasts like him who did not feel comfortable riding in the outdoors or in the dark. As I previously stated the lack of headlights in a bicycle makes it incredibly difficult or nearly impossible for people to spot them at night, especially if they are going at a high speed.

The man behind this ingenious project Bandar Al Anzi is a graduate of the Dammam Technical College and is currently employed in a private company. The man is 33 years old and is very proud of his achievement not only for himself but for all other bicyclists out there who decide to use his invention.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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