Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cat on Saudi Airlines Flight Delays Flight by 3 Hours

Cats are adorable little creatures aren’t they?  They are however extremely moody and can be a handful sometimes. Anyone who has ever had a pet cat knows the fact, that the cat decides when they want to play with you, and it is not you who decides. The cat also decides where he or she will sit; they prefer to sit in places which will test your imagination time and time again. Their pesky sitting habits and moody nature can be extremely troublesome in certain cases. It was recently reported that a flight had to be delayed for three hours after a stray cat was found in the aircraft, of all the horrific things that could have been found on board. The Saudi Arabian Airlines were the ones to experience this feline delay. The staff on board Saudi Arabian flight number SV1025 found a cat present in the cockpit while inspecting the plane before boarding the passengers.

The crew on board tried hard to somehow get the cat out of the plane, so that the flight can go on. The crew obviously didn’t have a pet cat at anytime in their lives as their desperate attempts failed in front of the adamant cat, who had found their perfect sitting place. The Saudi Arabian airlines crew also had no special equipment which could help them in dealing with such a situation and hence the crew tried for hours to evacuate the cat. The cat’s unusual sitting place was between the two pilot’s seats and hence it was extremely difficult to grab a hold of the feline. The crew will surely not be forgetting this hilarious ordeal anytime soon, I am sure they will be having a good laugh about the incident throughout the flight.

It should however be noted that there needs to be a training course in handling animals for flight crew, some airlines allow pets to be transported in the cabin, if they are not too big. Although the animal intruder was a cat this time, it could have been an aggressive cat and the crew could have been hurt, or it could have also been some other more aggressive animal.

Saudi Arabian airlines is one of the best airlines in the world with a very low percentage of flights that are delayed or canceled, so I think we can give them this one. For the outstanding service they have provided, they can bear one delayed flight.

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