Friday, June 19, 2015

Caught with Boyfriend on Date by Mutawas - Experience

Tabz: I just want to ask how to check in the visa stamp if your banned. My boyfriend and I got married and he asked the man who helped us got out in prison that there was no problem and that I can go back again to work in Saudi. I found a new employer and I am still hesitant to go back there.

Last August my boyfriend and I were caught by the Mutawas eating in Burger King. I was sent to Malaz and the next day I was interrogated and had my biometrics. That same day I was released. That arrest happened on August 5. My contract with my employer was about to end on august 10 but I was sent home on august 7. I am just puzzled if I was deported or not and why do my boyfriend wasn’t sent home and he was still working in the same company until now.

BY THE WAY WE GOT MARRIED LAST Nov. Just this may I applied again for Saudi Arabia and I was accepted by a different company. I am required to travel by the end of this month. I am HESITANT though, because I am not sure if I was deported and banned from entering back to Saudi Arabia. BUT MY HUSBAND told me that he asked the head of personnel of my previous company and he said that I was not banned and I was sent home on final exit visa.

I am still in doubt because during the time of my departure from Saudi Arabia after taking my finger prints employee from immigration asked what is the problem but I chose to ignore him and didn’t answer. CAN YOU ANSWER MY DILEMMA STEVE? Thank you very much

Answer by Steve: I do not think you need to worry about anything. First of all, you were not deported. You and your boyfriend were caught on same offense. If they had to deport you, they could not have spared your boyfriend. Even if you were deported at that time and they do not let you enter inside Kingdom, they will let you go back to your country very decently. Being woman, they will not take any other action against you. Do not worry and pray to God. He is the one who can help you out!

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