Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chambers Council bans fashion shows in Saudi Arabia

Recently Saudi Council of Chamber has barred companies and several industries from conducting fashion shows. Fashion shows are normally conducted for the promotion of products and items respective companies offer. The fashion industry is not that much advanced in KSA still it is progressing very fast. There are few people who came out to be good and charming models but those who have chosen these fields are fairly contented with their work and earning. This news has spread a wave of disappointment among emerging male models in KSA. The Saudi council of Chamber has stopped companies which have been conducting fashion shows since several years without any license or proper authorization. According to the notice, only registered companies and independent designers can conduct fashion shows after proper authorization from authorities.

Modeling is an emerging profession in Kingdom; and people are welcoming this field. Majority of the models have taken this field as their profession instead of a side hobby. People who consider themselves as a perfect body texture to attract and urge people found modeling a highly profitable profession. It requires a bit effort and time and earns huge. Different male models have expressed their opinions over this new decision of Saudi Chamber of Council.

Modeling is not considered feasible for women due to several restrictions and religious reasons in KSA. Anyway it is perfect for males who have talent and perfect body. By the implementation of notice issued by Chamber council, several models would get affected due to decrease in their earnings. Currently many foreign companies are employing Saudi male models for the launch and promotion of their products. Models demanded that they need work for a better living standards and aim at progressing international platforms of modeling. This restriction imposed by Chamber council will discourage international and gulf companies to hire Saudi male models. It is going to impact their careers significantly and they want a review of authorities over this decision.

Models who joined this field as a casual hobby or for adventure turned it into a full time profession due to high market demand. Saeed Al Shahid a Saudi model mentioned that he performed in fashion shows conducted by independent designers inside the gulf and Saudi region. He wished that this profession may flourish and the market demand for Saudi models rises despite of ban imposed by Saudi authorities. Another fashion designer Raed expressed importance of fashion, he said fashion is something contemporary and Saudi models are very creative in their approach. He commented that the society needs a bit time for adjustment of fashion and related norms.

There are several Saudi models working as international high level models for world famous brands such as Mohammad Al-Mayman, Thamer Al-Shammary, Ahmad Al-Sultan and Dhahi Al-Ali. These models have displayed famous European brands and contributed in promotion of several businesses. The collective opinion of icons of fashion industry expressed dis contentment with the decision of Saudi council of chamber for the ban of fashion shows in KSA.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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