Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Saudi Woman's miraculous medicine treated a child who swallowed a Nail

With the advent of modern medical practices, traditional medical cures are often ignored, getting lesser credit than they deserve. Where children are concerned, parents are especially skeptical as to who they should be asking for help. Whether technology and modern science is better than traditionally proven ways of care and cure is an endless debate. However, traditional medicine wins in the incident mentioned in the following text.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that about 100,000 children under 4 years of age have to be treated in the emergency room after having swallowed or been injured by foreign bodies. A Saudi child, named Toulin who was a three-year old kid, alarmed her mother when she accidentally swallowed a nail. Upon reaching the hospital and consulting with the doctors, the woman was explained the seriousness of the case that the nail could not be removed from her daughter's abdomen after it slipped from her stomach into her colon. She was told to bring the girl after three days, so that the nail could be surgically removed in case it settled in the colon.

According to the report given by Aljazeera online, the distraught woman, who did not want to wait three days, went to an old Saudi lady who practices traditional medicine. After reassuring the woman, the lady massaged her daughter with oil, and gave her a fiber-rich diet of bread and banana. After the next massage session, the lady predicted that the nail would come out the very next day. Three days later, the mother and daughter went back to the hospital where Toulin had an abdominal X-ray. No traces of the nail were found on the film. When the doctor was told about the lady's work, he had to acknowledge that she had actually cured Toulin. The original online report revealed no information regarding the whereabouts of the lady.

This child was lucky, since firstly the nail went by way of her stomach and did not get stuck in her respiratory system instead. Swallowing foreign objects poses a serious threat to children, and care must be taken to keep them away from any objects with multiple small or sharp parts. If an item gets lodged in a child's throat, he/she should be encouraged to cough it out immediately. According to the American Red Cross, if the swallowed object blocks the airway, i.e. the cough becomes silent or breathing becomes difficult, five back blows should be given between the person's shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. Five abdominal thrusts (chest compressions should be done instead, in case of infants) should be done alternately, until the blockage exists no more. While performing this first aid, ask another person to call for help so you can take the patient to the hospital.

All parents should be aware of health risks to their children, and should know the first aid procedures they should follow in case of an emergency

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