Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fault in ATM Machine resulted in Rain of Riyals in Jeddah

Automated Teller Machines or more commonly known by its initials as ATM’s, are now an integral part of our daily lives, at least for those with a bank account. An ATM allows us access to our money which has been stored in banks to be withdrawn from several points across each neighborhood, at a certain price however. These machines charge us a fee for the convenience of accessing our money at someplace other than the bank.  Let’s admit it, all of us, or well at least most of us, don’t have a problem or don’t make a fuss while paying the ATM transaction fees, as who wants to go to the bank and spend an hour to make a small transaction, which can be done in under a minute through ATMs.

However like all machines, sometimes these Automated Teller Machines also experience technical difficulties. Sometimes they take hold of your card and don’t give it back, and sometimes they do something which brings us all great joy. Now what was it exactly, read ahead. According to a story reported from Jeddah, one of the many ATM machines around the city experienced a certain technical difficulty which resulted in the machine handing out more money than the users had initially asked for. The ill or sick ATM machine however unfortunately, yet obviously attracted a lot of attention of those who tend to be more dishonest than the rest of us, and they made long queues for “free cash”. This unusual crowd around an ATM machine caught the suspicion of another Saudi man who promptly alerted the authorities.

One of the men, Aziz al Ghamdi, who received the extra payout, told the media that he only wanted to withdraw 250 but received 700 SAR. He tried again thinking he made a mistake and withdrew 50 SAR more, in return he got 500 SAR, and the best part is, the account only shows a deduction of 50 SAR.

At the present moment it cannot be truly assessed as to how much of a financial loss was really incurred by the banking institution which had installed the ATM at the location. Al Ghamdi further stated that once the police arrived, they dispersed the dishonest crowd, and closed down the ATM for general use, and kept an eye on the ATM machine until repairmen and technicians came and finally fixed up the generous Automated Teller Machine.

There has been no mention what so ever of the name of the bank that had to undergo such an embarrassing financial loss. Al Ghamdi had finally added that he saw a majority of expats waiting desperately for their turn to withdraw some more free cash, however once they saw him on his phone, they might have suspected he was calling the authorities, and immediately fled the scene in fear of getting caught. Even though it was illegal of these people to withdraw the money, they sure were extremely lucky.  No amount of money is truly enough money.

Source: Arab News

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