Sunday, June 7, 2015

How Daesh (ISIS) Militants rape the Yazidi Girls systematically?

It is a phenomenon that ISIS is prevailing over major parts of the Middle East and is causing embarrassment and shame to all Muslims, who totally disagree with the vision and mission of the ISIS. The ISIS or Daesh (ISIS) have been conducting unIslamic activities that go against the teachings and basic laws of Islam. It has been reported that the young Yazidi women and girls who were earlier on seized by the radical extremist group known as Daesh (ISIS), have been reportedly subjected to sexual violence and systematic rape by the militant group, as reported by a rights group in northern Iraq.

The human rights watch has stated in one of their reports, that these Yazidi women were exposed to an organized rape system and also sexual slavery and sexual assault. These young women were also forced into marriages to Daesh (ISIS) militants. The Daesh (ISIS) forces have been committing organized sexual assaults and rapes amongst other crimes against these Yazidi girls and women. The women’s rights director at the HRW, Liesl Gerntholtz, has stated that it is indeed very unfortunate, and those who are fortunate enough to have escaped, need to be treated for the unimaginable and immense trauma that they have experienced in the captivity.

The findings and the research which was conducted on the town of Dohuk in the early months of 2015 revealed many painful realities. In the town, the HRW reportedly interviewed more than 20 young women and girls from the Yazidi tribe, who were escaped their hostage situation under the Daesh (ISIS) militants. These extremist militants took several thousand Yazidi civilians as hostages when they were captured during one of the attacks in the Nineveh province in northern Iraq. Witnesses saw the militants separating the young women from the rest of the Yazidis and then moving them around their captured area to their various bases and hideouts.

The HRW interviewed nearly 11 women and 9 girls who had successfully escaped from their captivity and made it out safely. Amongst the interviewed women and girls was a 12 year old survivor, who was given the name Jalila, in order to protect her identity. Jalila gave a detailed interview in which she described what she had gone through completely. The young girl who spoke out against the Daesh (ISIS) said that these militant men would come and select from the girls. Jalila stated that when these men would come to select the girls, the girls were told to stand up in a straight line. The men would then examine the bodies of the young girls and would also ask them to show their hair, and would be beaten if they refused.

The Daesh (ISIS) militants were reported to be wearing ankle length garments and had long hair and long beards. The young girl was often sold or gifted from one militant to other and was owned by around 7 different militants. The young girl said that she pleaded with the militants to take her back to her mother, but the militants instead raped her for days at a time. How many more childhoods will have to be ruined before an end can be brought to the menace and disgrace that is known as Daesh (ISIS)?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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