Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Procedure to Register for Alfursan Frequent Flyer Program

Since Air travel has become a part of our lives as the first choice mode of transport for overseas travel, many businessmen and women have had to travel many times to and from different cities to promote their businesses or to strike business deals. This had caused these frequent fliers to rack up quite a lot of frequent flier miles. Although previously this was just a number, now these miles can actually bring you benefits. Since my articles are read mostly in the Kingdom, this is for all those frequent fliers who choose Saudi Arabian Airlines or its partner airlines, Sky Team. Those of you who have plans to travel a lot in the future by these airlines, you can register now for the Al Fursan loyalty program which will allow frequent fliers to reap rewards an great added benefits in their travel.

Now most people would think that this registration would be long and complicated however there is some good news. Now you can get registered right in the comfort of your own homes, within minutes. You should first access the website of the Saudi Arabian airlines and then head on over to the option which states Al Fursan loyalty, and sign up over there.

In this section most people get confused as to what to put in to the pin number slot. More or less like your ATM pin number which is a pass code to access your money, this pin number which you will enter will be your pass code to access the frequent flier miles under your belt. So it is best to keep a pin which can be remembered easily, and it is also a good idea not to have the same pin number for everything that requires a pin, as if one gets hacked the same pin can be used to access all the other accounts.

While filling out the online form it is important to fill out every detail truthfully, and to ensure that your passport number is correct and that the passport is not about to expire soon.  Once you have been successfully registered, you will get a Fursan membership number which will primarily serve as your username, hence it is important to wither write it down somewhere or to keep a print out in your wallet/ bag.

You are advised to book your tickets with your Fursan membership number and the after the first flight is completed, you will receive your own personal membership card. Although you will receive the membership card, you can just as easily book tickets to Fursan with just your membership number and also your pin number. If you have forgotten to link your Fursan Account or book through the Fursan service to ensure the miles are added to your account, you can always link them later. In case your flight miles for a specific trip have not been entered into your account, you can always log in and retrieve these miles through retro miles, by entering the flight details of the miles that are missing.

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