Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Husband Divorced Wife for being Unlucky for His Family

Recently a story has been reported in Saudi Gazette that a man wanted nothing more but to divorce his wife and he went in front of a judge to do so. Although I personally don’t believe that this story is true but still it is interesting so I would bring it to you. The husband stated to the judge that he did not wish to divorce his wife because of a fault in her character, her body or her manners, but for a very different reason. The husband told the judge that his wife was an omen of bad luck which she had brought upon the family of the husband and the husband himself. The man said that since the day he had first seen the wife he had faced many tragedies.

The man continued speaking to the judge and told him that when he first saw his wife, a garbage truck hit his car and it was left completely and totally destroyed. The husband then added that when the husband and his family were on their way to the woman’s house with the man’s marriage proposal, his mother passed away on the way to the woman’s house, and they had to change their plans and head to the cemetery to bury his mother.  When the days of mourning for his mother were over, the man and woman got married, however at the time he did not know that he had just cleared the way for more tragedies to come. The man told the judge that after getting married whenever he would take his wife out or go out himself, he would be spotted by the Saher cameras for speeding and if he slowed down then he would be charged with obstructing traffic and even parking in the wrong place.

On the day of their wedding, the man reports that there was a huge fire in their neighbors house which eventually made its way over to the man’s house, and caused it a great deal of damage. However this was not the end as when the husband’s father came to visit the couple, he fell down the stairs and broke his leg. When the father of the husband was taken to the hospital the doctor informed them that the father was suffering from many diseases such as diabetes etc.

The husband and his family were shocked as their father always had taken great care of his health and fitness. Whenever the husband’s brother and his wife came over they would always end up in a quarrel and would badmouth each other. The husband till this point did not consider his wife to be a bad omen, even though members of his family were talking about it. However once the husband himself became jobless he started believing in the rumors.

The judge, who was baffled at the man’s thinking told him that all what happens to us is our fate and is already written, the judge then asked the man to take his wife home and never to accuse her of being a bad omen. As the man was heading out, the judge got served his termination letter, and immediately after reading it, the Judge shouted “Divorce this woman”.
Saudi Gazette

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