Monday, June 15, 2015

Importance of Wearing Seat Belt while Driving

One of the members of our page Life in Saudi Arabia has shared this persuasive note to wear seat belts while driving. Mr. Matt Silen actually commented it below a post but I really found it very interesting and persuasive. I am sharing it with every reader of this blog. Please take care of your precious life and wearing seatbelt should be the first thing to do after sitting on your car seat.

Matt Silen: Could this have anything to do with the Saudi aversion to seat belts? Most don't wear them because "they want to be men" (can't explain the woman's answer), but the reality is that seat belts have proven to save lives when worn. People don't fall out of helicopters, people don't get thrown from vehicles, children don't get needlessly killed or disfigured in car accidents, and lives are saved when they are worn. I know, I know. The car could catch fire and the seat belt not release. How many times have you actually seen an accident where the car was on fire?

Also, how many times (oh wait, Saudis cannot answer this question) has someone's seat belt not unlocked after an accident? Statistically speaking, VERY few if any occur. I don't even think a half of a half of a percent have been where the seatbelts don't release. If people get thrown from a helicopter (or a car), what are their chances of surviving? Little to none! Now, what are the chances of someone surviving if he or she stays inside the transport vehicle rather than getting thrown out?

Never mind, it is cultural; therefore, most Saudis will needlessly be killed or permanently injured since their "fate" is not in their hands. (What if your sister turns quickly in the kitchen to give your mother a knife that your mother asked for, with it pointed towards her face or heart?

Inshallah she won't kill your mother. No, it would be much WISER [using the brain Allah gave us] for her to turn the knife the other direction and slowly. It would make sense for anyone giving a knife to someone else to do it carefully and in such a way as to prevent an injury. No one can completely avoid injuries, but what else were our brains made for if not for discerning wiser ways to do things?) And then, there were seat belts.

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