Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interesting Facts about the Christ the Redeemer

The statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is located on the Corcovado Hill or the Morro do Corcovado, is one of the most popular and recognizable sights in Rio de Janeiro. It is a symbol of the city and has been a source of inspiration for many artists. The Christ the Redeemer is indeed part of the 7 modern wonders of the world.  Here we have compiled a few unusual and interesting facts about Christ the Redeemer;

  1. The Corcovado Hill rises up to 710 meters above the sea level and is a vital part of the Tijuca National Park. During the 16th century, Portuguese settlers in the area referred to the mountain as the Mount of Temptation. This was done in honor of the Biblical mountain which bears the same name, and it is on this Biblical mountain that Jesus was said to be tempted by the Devil. It was christened a century later as “O Corcovado” which shines light on its rounded form. Corcovado literally means hunchback in Portuguese

  2. The Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro the first, was the first one to order an expedition to venture to the top of the mountain in 1824. In the year 1882 his son, Emperor Dom Pedro the 2nd inaugurated a unique 3800 meter railway which leads to the top of the mountain. The railway is still running today and is one of the most unique ways to reach the top of the hill to the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
  3. The initial idea of the statue occurred to Father Maria Boss. During those days, the statue was not built in France as the workers were not thought to be skilled enough to complete such a statue. It was then transported in pieced to Rio de Janeiro. The head of the statue itself is said to be made out of 50 different parts.
  4. The statue stands at a height of 38 meters and was initially constructed from the head down. This was done so that the head was completed first and it is reporter that more than a thousand tons of concrete was used in the construction of the entire statue.
  5. According to the original plans for the statue, Jesus would be holding a globe and a cross on each hand.
  6. The head builder who worked on the statue was Jewish, but converted to Catholicism once the statue was completed. It is said that he wrote down the names of his entire family on top of the heart of the stature. This was done both on the inside and outside of the statue.
  7. Due to the storms, rain and the sun, the statue of Christ the Redeemer has no lips, eyebrows or fingers.
  8. For the 2016 Olympics, it is believed that the Brazilian government wants to create a replica of the statue which would stand 10 meters high, to promote their country during the games. The replica statue is reported to be built on Primrose Hill located in North London.

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