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10 Interesting Facts about the Taj Mahal in India

The TajMahal is indeed one of the most iconic and recognizable images which is associated with India. Its graceful minarets, delicately curved archways and domes which resemble ice cream scoops have enticed many people from all around the world to make their journey to the beautiful icon just to view its beauty in person and stand in the steps on which Mughal Emperors once stood. This particular building is also rich in history as it has been created in marble. To help you get a better sense of the great beauty that it the TajMahal we have compiled a short list of interesting facts which you definitely will find interesting.

Interesting Facts about the TajMahal in India
  1. It has been estimated that more than 22,000 workers were required to build this grand building. These workers included painters, stone cutters, laborers, embroidery artists and many others.
  2. The total height of the TajMahal is recorded to be at 561 feet or 171 meters.
  3. The TajMahal was built in memory of the second and most favorite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan, MumtazMahal. The TajMahal took around 17 years to be fully constructed and completed.

  4. During the time of the building of the TajMahal, it is reported that more than 1,000 elephants had been used to transport all of the construction materials which were used in the building process.
  5. During the rebellion of 1857 in which the Indians rebelled against the British rule, many precious jewels and stones had been ripped off and stolen from the TajMahal.
  6. The color of the TajMahal that you get to see depends on the time of day you are viewing it. In the morning the color turns to a pinkish hue, then by the evening it takes on its world famous milky white color and turns light golden at night when the moon reflects on it. Some say that the changing colors represent the changes in moods which females have, in particular the Emperor’s Queen’s mood change.
  7. It is reported that the death of his wife crushed the Emperor so much that all the hair on his head and beard turned snow white in just a matter of months.
  8. All four sides of the TajMahal look perfectly identical. This creates an astonishing mirrored image on each of the sides. It is said to be so because of self-replicating geometry and symmetry of architectural elements.
  9. The TajMahal is completely surrounded by a number of buildings and significant gardens. The buildings include a few guest houses and a mosque which make up the 17 hectares of land which lies within the complex walls.
  10. Many tour companies within India offer many different types of tours and packages for any prospective visitors to the magnificent TajMahal. If you have still not been convinced to visit one of the wonders of the world then go online and search more. This place is a definite must visit, especially with your significant other.

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