Monday, June 22, 2015

Iqamas to be delivered through Saudi Post from Aug 16, 2015

It is common knowledge that Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest expatriate work forces residing and working in their country. The numbers of expatriates working in the Kingdom are so irregularly high from other countries around the world that specific and special arrangements had to be made by the Saudi Authorities in order to facilitate the expat workforce which make up almost one third of the total population.

Saudi Government has been taking many steps to reduce the work load from Jawazat by introducing new and improved services in its portfolio. We have heard about news published few days ago about introducing Muqeem Cards with Validity of 5 Years to Replace Iqamas from October 2015. Yet again, a new and long awaited announcement has been made by the Jawazat officials that the companies and individuals would no longer need to visit Jawazat to take the physical copy of Iqama from August 16, 2015. According to the new system which is going to be launched in next few months, Iqama would be sent directly to the PO Box address of the individuals and companies.

It is important to mention here that Ministry of Interior has already eased up the process of renewing Iqama. As per the new procedures, iqama is renewed online using MOI system by the sponsors. You just need to visit Jawazat to get the print of the new Iqama. Some months ago, only GRO of your company could go there to get new print of Iqama but now even you can go yourself and get new prints of Iqamas for your whole family. The only condition is that it is renewed in the system. You can check the expiry of your Iqama through this link.

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