Sunday, June 28, 2015

Loss of SR 2 billion to Saudi Families due to Huroob Cases

Runaway (Huroob) cases of housemaids and drivers have deprived Saudi natives from SR 2 billion during last year. The cases reported against 97,000 housemaids and drivers who were indulged in stealing activities due to support of several gangs and criminal groups working in KSA. Such gangs help expat workers to get illegal job and support them to leave their sponsors. These workers have taken away expensive jewelry, phones, cash and valuables of worth billions during recent years.

Saudi natives are suffering from extreme negligence and poor administration in regard of economic development and security concerns related to housemaids and drivers. In KSA it is a common practice that expats are issued visas and work permit to serve Saudi natives as housemaids, drivers and helpers. These workers are usually imported from native countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The work permit and remuneration contract prices are reaching skies in case of KSA whereas other gulf countries charge a reasonable remuneration prices.

The recruitment offices operating in Kingdom charge SR 30,000  on average whereas the same price in case of other gulf countries never exceed SR 5,000. Expats are reimbursed far more than other Arab countries in Saudi Arabia. The average salary for an expat housemaid in KSA is around SR 1,500 where as in case of other Arab countries it does not charge more than SR 800 on average. The recruitment contracts Saudi official sign with other countries charge highest amounts as compare to other gulf regions. In case of Sri Lanka, the recruitment contract signed recently has raised fee from SR 12,000 to SR 25,000.

The same for Bangladesh has increased from SR 2,500 to SR 11,000. Such tremendous increase in prices have led to high salaries, sponsorship fees and promoted black market for housemaids and domestic workers. There are numerous issues related to labor imported from other countries in KSA which is leading to economic disorders in country. The sponsorship transfer fee have raised up to SR 40,000 which is far more than other gulf countries. 

It is a double edge sword, at one side recruitment office have implicated extra charges whereas on the other side there is no regular check on these housemaids and expat workers which have caused huge loss for Saudi sponsors. Black market in Saudi Arabia for these domestic workers is a big question mark that who is supporting these activities and what about rit of government over such gangs? The ministry of labor prioritizes its own concerns and interests no matter how much it exploits Saudi natives. This irregular check has brought a distrustful factor for honest workers and expats who are striving hard to maintain their existence in Kingdom. Just few announcements for changes or improvements are not enough for betterment. Ministry of Labor has to be proactive in order to save citizens from huge losses and pain.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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