Sunday, June 28, 2015

Maid caught with cash in underwear

Domestic workers and maids have been involved in stealing activities since long. Recently KSA has suffered loss of SR 2 billion during last year due to runaway cases of domestic workers and drivers. These workers easily get adjusted to other houses due to support of criminal gangs and black market available. Stealing or robberies are common cases but recently an expat housemaid caught red handed with stolen jewelry and cash in her under garments.  23 years old Filipina housemaid has been working in the home of a Saudi sponsor for years. During last few months many jewelry items and valuables were lost from house of Saudi sponsor but no one caught her red handed. 

Ultimately one day she was trying to leave home when his owner saw her wearing two pair of jeans which made him suspicious about her activity. The man immediately called his wife and daughters to ask her what she is trying to hide. The house made got confused which made her guilty for suspected crime. The 44 years old house wife of Saudi sponsor asked her to remove her clothes which she refused at first instance. Later when she was forced to let them check, she was found with a bag full of jewelry items and watches in her undergarments.

She surrendered after the bag came out of her under garments and confessed that she stole 12 rings, 18 necklaces, 5 gold earning pairs and 4 luxury watches and hid it under her jeans. Then she tried to escape from house but her bad luck that the owner saw her two pairs of trousers. The housewife and her daughter told police that their valuables have been missing from their home since long time. The maid confessed that she kept on stealing jewelry items and hid them inside her under garments which helped her to take stolen items easily out of the sponsor’s house. She also hid Dhs 1,860 and found herself caught red handed and became assure that there is no way out, she started begging the house owner to forgive her for her crime. She mentioned that she would not involve in such criminal activities ever again but the sponsor immediately called Dubai police and gave her in its custody.

During two months of investigations, the maid confessed before police that she had been involved in stealing activities. The court has just adjudicated the decision and she is still in police custody until the final decree will be issued.

This is not the first case regarding stealing or embezzlement activities of housemaids in KSA. The Kingdom has been suffering from huge financial losses due to black market of these housemaids. Sponsors sign contracts from expats in return of huge recruitment fees and presentable salaries. Still gangs working in KSA urge these expatriates to get involved in illegal activities to earn huge money in shorter time span. Ministry of Labor should take stringent actions in order to prevent such issues in future.

Source: MSN News

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