Monday, June 29, 2015

Nephew Posted Private Pictures of his Aunt in Revenge

Recently a Gulf Teenager boy posted quite private pictures of his aunt online just to show his anger or with intention to take revenge for something. The nephew was angry over his aunt due to her indecent behavior as she tended to showoff herself. With and intention to teach her a lesson, he took such a crucial step to make her feel embarrass and low in society. It was a terrifying act and shocked everyone who came across the story. Different social circles commented over this criminal mind set of nephew. Some declared it a reckless behavior of his aunt who could not protect her pictures and let that insane boy to go to such extent in his furry and anger. 

Various blogging sites posted this story where numerous commenters shared their views about this thrilling incident. Majority of them pointed out nephew for his insane and childish behavior. A member of blog suspected both aunt and nephew for concoction of story to get fame overnight. She said it seems that aunty let nephew her pics in fake poses and then asked him to post them online to get people attention.

Whatever is the actual story behind the scene, the point is why such frustration level has popped up among teenagers. The current age is called internet age which has brought a lot of evils along with good things. This incident if happened incidentally will impact both parties i.e. nephew and his aunt badly. They must be facing social embarrassment and family issues after this news go viral. It is a must for parents to keep an eye over activities of their teenage children in order to avoid such incidents at large.

Source: Gulf News

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