Sunday, June 14, 2015

Permanent Family Visa for Quantity Surveyor

One of our regular readers Mr. Sinoj Pullolickal Wayanad has shared his experience of getting permanent family visa through Istiqdam. His Iqama profession is quantity surveyor and people with this iqama have so many confusions about their eligibility to get permanent family visa. Even I did not have a concrete answer for them before Sinoj Pullolickal Wayanad posted this experience with me. If your profession is Quantity Surveyor and want to ask any question from Mr. Sinoj Pullolickal Wayanad, you can raise it in the comment box below. Mr. Sinoj Pullolickal Wayanad will answer them personally. I really appreciate your efforts brother.

Sinoj Pullolickal Wayanad: Yesterday I went to Jeddah Istiqdam office for my family visa and got it. I would like to share my experience if it could help someone out there. First of all, I paid visa fee SR 2,000. But I couldn’t get an appointment. I waited for two weeks and still couldn’t get an online appointment. Anyhow, I went to Jeddah, to stamp my diploma and marriage certificate in MOFA and after that went to Istiqdam office but without online application they rejected to take any documents. So, I just tried to login MOI website and surprisingly got appointment.

I took a print out of that paper and got a token number of appointment to show my documents. They verified all which were, Istiqdam form filled with owner sign and stamp and attested by the Chamber of Commerce, he asked me to write my wife name in English, my MOFA attested certificate copy and original translation of it, MOFA attested marriage certificate copy and original translation, my iqama copy, passport copy, first arrival visa copy, wife passport copies, which given back, were the documents given. I showed them originals and gave them copies of all the above mentioned documents. Comprehensive list of documents is available at this link “Procedure to Apply for Permanent Family Visa through Istiqdam” Few minutes later they called my name and given the yellow paper in which mine and wife name were in English which they asked me to verify spellings. That's it.

I guess my profession quantity surveyor is not listed for online visa application and that's why I needed an appointment and went to Istiqdam office. My friend got online visa today. To add to the above introduction letter with my name profession and salary from company signed by owner and attested from chamber of commerce was also presented to them. Also Istiqdam form attested from chamber of commerce jizan. The translation of education and marriage certificate must be from Saudi Arabia which they give me in a special type of paper. The translator must be an approved translator.

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