Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Saudi Man and 3 Children who live in a Car – True Story

Economies around the world are progressing at different rates. Some are progressing upwards, while others are going down. Every country wants its unemployment rate to be 0; however such is not the case. All around the world people are either jobless or homeless and have to make do with what little they have, and have faith in them and in God, that better days will come.One such case has come to light in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A report done by the Saudi daily newspaper, Okaz, stated that a Saudi man was left no choice but to take up residence inside his own car, that too with 3 of his children, after he was unable to pay their house rent.

The report which was originally published in the Friday edition of the daily newspaper, Okaz, it was reported that the Saudi man, and father of 3, was forcefully evicted from his residence after he had failed to pay the required rent for his residence. The Saudi man has also reportedly accumulated a debt which has risen up to SAR100,000.The Saudi father of 3 goes by the name of Ibrahim Sulaimani, and in the report has stated that he and his 3 children are forced to live inside his car, which has become their residence, dinner table and bedroom. Mr. Ibrahim Sulaimani has also stated that he had gotten divorce from his wife recently, after which the kids were in his custody. Divorce settlements and cases can often cost a fortune, and maybe the divorce is what caused Ibrahim and his children to move into the car.

Living inside a car, is neither healthy, nor is it safe. Children should not have to face such conditions under any circumstances. Such cases are pretty common in the west where people sleep in cars in between shifts or cannot afford a house to live in and hence permanently live in their cars, and unfortunately this causes many deaths per year. The car has the risk of suffocation and accumulation of poisonous gasses, which can kill people in their sleep.

Sulaimani is hopeful that the government will provide some sort of aid, if not for him, then for his innocent young children. The late King Abdullah had announced on March 2011, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had plans to spend around SAR 250 billion, which would be used for the building of around 500,000 homes. The real estate construction is well underway at this point, under new leadership, and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are optimistic that these homes, will help fight the problem of homelessness in the Kingdom.

We hope that Mr. Sulaimani and his children will find a better, more suitable alternative residence than his automobile. A fund or department should also be set up, which primarily focuses on the aiding and help of single parents or parents who feel that they cannot provide for their children adequately.

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