Monday, June 1, 2015

Separate mosques for expats in Saudi Arabia?

Expatriates residing in KSA have been facing several issues since decades. They are about 1/3rd of total population of KSA. Majority of these expats have been residing in Kingdom for job purposes and even involved in low and cheap labor jobs. The jobs taken by these expats are normally rejected by Saudi natives. These expats despite of their flawless efforts and huge help, in development of KSA from a barren land to a progressively developing country. There were several issues to be faced by these expats in Kingdom but a viewer on TV channel crossed all limits of inequality and arrogance. A humiliating question asked by a viewer of a famous TV show hosted by Sheikh Al-Mutlaq. The viewer mentioned that he is a regular visitor of mosques and is really irritated by company of expats in Mosques while offering prayers.

By stating the condition of expats arrogantly and with a tone full of pride, he mentioned that he feels so awkward when dirty foreigner workers pray with him in same space. He said he feels so annoyed with bad adore of their body and to see their dirty clothes. The caller did not end his statement here. He made a blast while saying that these foreigner expats should be banned in clean mosques of KSA. That moment could be most hilarious moment for rest of the world in case Sheikh Al-Mutlaq had not handled the situation carefully. He clarified his misconception by arguing that these laborers are truly helpful in development of KSA. Sheikh said that the question of viewer reminded him about the day when KSA was just a land of sand and Saudi native were even unaware of name of modern systems and facilities of life. The foreigner workers, investors, and friends helped Kingdom to get on boom and to make prosperity in its culture.

The words of viewer could have made a scandal for Kingdom in rest of the world for exploitation of human rights in case the host had not handled the matter carefully. Being Muslims we are most prominent custodians of human rights and equality of human beings. He further stated that God does not judge someone for his appearance or richness. Those foreign workers with bad smell and dirty clothes might be more close to God than us. This thing was simply said by that caller but raised so many significant questions. His words have simply unveiled the racism prevailing in Arabs despite of honorable efforts of foreigner workers for development and prosperity of KSA.

One should be aware of this fact that wealth and richness is just from God. He loves his creature on equal terms without any discrimination or division. If someone looks others down to such extent, he should not even offer prayer as it has not essence then. Prayers make us realize that we all are equal and have to bestow against one God. If we can’t understand such a simple fact, our offerings have no worth in the eyes of God.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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