Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Beauty of Ash Shafa Village

As the temperature is rising quickly and immensely just as peak summer is about to hit, many people are looking for fun spots to stay cool and enjoy the summer days and nights. We have decided to escape the heat by visiting one of the coldest places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ash Shafa Village. This village is located high in the Sarawat Mountain ranges which stands tall at 2200 meters above the sea level. This village is home to many of the agricultural products in Taif and is also host to some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world.

We decided to take the safest and shortest route possible to reach Ash Shafa Village. This route passes through Taif, which is approximately 30km away from the beautiful village. Once we had reached Taif, we got on to the Ash Shafa Road, which took us directly to the mesmerizing hilltop village which has the same name as the road. Driving on the Ash Shafa road is a dream come true for motor heads and car enthusiasts, and is an incredible experience. The winding roads and the descents and ascents provide a great view of the surrounding beauty. Countless monkeys could be seen sitting by the side of the road and tourists and drivers passing by would often stop and give them chips, juices or other treats.

In the course of our trip, we firstly went to the highest possible point in the area near Ash Shafa village. Legend has it that if it is foggy or misty, you cannot even see the person or the car next to you, however we were lucky that at the time of our visit that it was not misty or foggy and we got to view the surreal sights that can be seen from atop the highest point. After spending time at the highest point we made our way down back to Ash Shafa we stopped at one of the many kiosks located on the beautiful road, and indulged in some of the best tea we have ever had. The weather plus the great tea made this our best tea experience ever.

Later on we decided to head out to hike across the more flat areas in the mountains. For this however hiking boots are a must and those who try to hike in casual shoes usually have a difficult time. On our way back from Ash Shafa village we decided to stop and indulge in horse riding. Never have we felt more like Knights then when we were riding the lush mountainsides on horseback. Many farms are also located around the Area of the Ash Shafa village which grow a wide variety of fruits. Most of the local farmers of the area are very welcoming and allow tourists to visit their farms, however as we were running late, we did not have the opportunity of stopping and exploring the farms.

Decent accommodation is currently a problem, as visitors have to travel to Taif to find decent accommodation. Tourists visiting the area should not forget to buy the fresh fruit which is grown in the area.

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