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The Importance, History and Unknown Facts about Hajre Aswad (The Black Stone)

The Hajar al-Aswad also known as The Black Stone is set in the eastern corner of the Holy Ka’bah. The Tawaf is started and ended by facing this sacred black stone. Over the years, throughout history, numerous people which included the Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon them) and also the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) and other pious Muslim personalities have performed Hajj and Umrah around the Holy Ka’bah and have also placed their blessed lips on the Holy Stone.The Hajar al Aswad also known as The Black Stone was brought down from heaven (Jannah) and was presented to Ibrahim (peace be upon him) so that he could place it in the corner of the Ka’bah.

The Hajar al Aswad was reportedly stolen from the Ka’bah during 930 CE by the Qarmatian warriors. These warriors sacked Makkah, while desecrating the Well of Zamzam with corpses of Muslims and carried The Black Stone back to their base in Ihsaa, in the medieval region of Bahrain. The Black Stone was returned around 952 CE according to Historian Al Juwayni and restored to its original location.

The Hajar al Aswad was initially a complete single stone however due to various incidents which occurred throughout history, the Stone is now in eight pieces of different sizes which have been affixed to a large stone which is also encased in a silver frame. The original silver frame was built by Abdullah bin Zubair (may Allah be pleased with him) and was later replaced by the latter Khalifas as and when the need arose.
Six other pieces of the Hajar al Aswad are claimed to be located in Istanbul, Turkey. One is displayed in the Mihrab of the Blue Mosque, one is located above the entrance of the tomb of Sulaiman and four are located in the SokulluSehit Mehmet PasaCamii mosque

Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Abbaas (RadhiallaahuAnhu) narrates that Rasulullah (SallallaahuAlayhiWasallam) said, 'Hajr-e-Aswad (the black stone) was revealed from Jannat and it was whiter than milk. Thereafter, the sins of man had blackened it.' (Tirmidhi vol.1 pg.166; HM Saeed)
Du’asare accepted at the Black Stone (Hajar al Aswad) and on the Day of Judgment the Holy Stone will testify in favor of all those who have kissed the stone. The Prophet (PEACE BE UPON HIM) stated that on the Day of Qiyamah, Allah will present the Hajar al Aswad in such a way that it will have eyes and a tongue so that it can testify to the Imaan or faith of all those who have ever kissed it.(Tirmidhi)

Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) stated while leaning against the Ka’bah that the Hajar al Aswad and al-Maqam (Ibrahim) are two of the jewels out of the jewels of Paradise. If Allah had not concealed the radiance of these jewels, they would illuminate everything that lay between the East and West.(Tirmidhi)

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