Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 5 Hardest Courses to Study in Saudi Arabia

Law is probably one of the hardest courses to study in Saudi Arabia, and any other part of the world, since it requires you to have an excellent memory. The reason behind this is that students will have to spend many hours to study this subject in order to be up to date with all the information. Another fact that makes law very difficult is that the examinations are very complicated in comparison to the other courses. Quoting previous cases to support their argument is an important factor in examinations, and it requires good memory and sharp mind. This is again difficult due to the number of case studies.

Medicine is another tough course due to the fact that entry requirements or qualifications to get into any med school are very hard. This is not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also in all other parts of the world. Medicine as a course takes up a lot of time of the student. It is not possible to have a social life while studying medicine. This is due to the fact that lectures are longer and practical lessons are also given, apart from theory lessons.

Third on this list we have electrical engineering, which is another tough course. People find this extremely difficult as, one has to be well versed in physics. There are several people who do not understand the concepts and logic of physics. The hardest engineering course in any university or college is the Electrical engineering course, as it also requires a whole lot of time which has to be spent studying physics as well as the coursework.

Many people do not think that nursing might be an extremely difficult course since doctors seem to be doing all the work in hospitals. However this is not true, nurses are trained in more or less the similar way in which the doctors are trained. Therefore, the nurses have more or less the same workload. Students of the nursing department have to be trained in a lot of medical scenarios in a short period of time. These nursing students hence spend a lot of their time in front of open books, learning all that they possibly can at any given time. No training can be left for later as any of these training methods could come into use at any point and time in their careers.

Mathematics is another course which is not the strong suit of many students. This is exactly why many believe that the course of Actuarial Sciences is an extremely difficult course. The mathematics involved in this course is highly advanced and complex and anyone who faces problems with basic mathematics cannot fathom to attempt this course. However this is not the only reason for the difficulty of this course, students are also required to spend a whole lot of time learning from books. Failing in any one component of your course can potentially ruin the entire course for the student

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