Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 5 Websites for Job Hunting in Saudi Arabia

There are numerous websites within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which are providing opportunities to help people find jobs. I have researched for a long time about the best websites to go to if you are unemployed and looking for a job or even if you are employed and looking at better opportunities. These job providing websites also allow you to find jobs exactly according to your skill set and your demands. It is important while job searching online to visit all of these sites, as no one site has all the possible job listings in Saudi Arabia even though it may seem like it.

Top 5 Websites for Job Hunting in Saudi Arabia

  1. First up on this list we have Bayt prides itself on being one of the most extensive and detailed job searching website in Saudi Arabia. Even I would admit to this that has more opportunities and listings than its competitors and hence has been given the top spot on this list of best job searching websites. The site has featured employers who do the bulk of their hiring through the site which greatly increases your chances of getting employed and also has a list of freshly posted employment ads.
  2. Next up on this list we have provides a general service which includes also buying and selling of products or second hand things. Employment ads are also available according to either the city where you want to seek employment or according to your skills. The ad also has other ads such as housing available or wanted, and ads for other services which can be used by either businesses or private people. The site is particularly good for low level jobs which can help them rake in around 6000 SAR a month.
  3. Third on this list of best job searching websites we have is another specialized site which focuses primarily on job postings. As the name suggests this site is not only limited or restricted to use within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it can also provide jobs in other countries in the Gulf region like UAE, Qatar, Oman etc. this site also has registered employers or companies which hire through this website amongst others and allows you to approach a job opening without the fear of getting duped. Major companies like General Motors and Samsung are both registered employers on this site.
  4. Next on this list we have Now this site is one of my personal favorites, as it not only posts about job openings and vacancies, but also provides a blog which helps people get adequate employment and also how to deal with issues in their current employment. Their blog and website are both one of the best sites to go to if you are looking for a job. As I said earlier all these websites need to be checked and you shouldn’t rely on just one.
  5. Last but not least we have The site offers the page in either Arabic or in English which is a great help to both locals seeking employment and also expatriates seeking employment, who might not know the Arabic Language. This site has their own registered employers which include giants such as Pepsi and also Samba bank which post many job openings regularly.

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