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Useful Kitchen Tips during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a time which all Muslims look forward to, so that we may earn the blessings of Allah by doing good deeds. However some Muslims amongst us focus primarily on the deed of eating rather than doing good, and spend most of our time preparing meals for suhoor or iftar. So without any more delay these are a few tips which will help out in the kitchen for both men and women.

Useful Kitchen Tips during Ramadan
Since one of us want to spend our entire day in the kitchen while they are fasting, it is better to get your kitchen cleaned up before the month of Ramadan starts. It is usually ideal to start about 2 weeks before so that slowly and steadily all the unnecessary and unwanted things in the kitchen can be removed. Since you won’t be cooking 3 times a day, it is better to only keep those appliances out which you will actually need.
Now that cleaning is over, it is best to plan your iftar and suhoor meals in advance. Yes it is always advisable to plan ahead since not all those who are fasting are functioning at their full capability due to lack of food and water. If you live with your family it is important you should take into consideration their diet plans, favorite meals and also foods which they do not like. This will help you store energy by not deciding what to make during your fast.

Kitchen helpers such as foil wraps, cling wraps, food containers etc. are all essential in storing food which might be cooked later, or even leftover food, these helpers will reduce your efforts needed in the Kitchen to a minimum and you can have your meals prepared before hand and categorized and packed neatly which will result in little to no hassle in the kitchen.
It is important to create a list of groceries which you will need to prepare your fixed menu which was decided earlier. As soon as you have drawn up the list according to your meals you can hit the grocery store. Ideally you would want to buy everything in 1 trip; however perishables such as fruits vegetables and bread should not be bought in advance for the whole month. Canned foods and dry foods can be bought in advance for the whole month of Ramadan which will cut down your shopping during Ramadan.

There are also a few tips and tricks which every person in the kitchen must be aware of. These tricks can help in making food preparation seem like a walk in the park, during Ramadan. Tricks such as chopping onions in a food processor, and soaking the cut fruits in salt water to prevent them turning brown are just some of the tips which will help you stay prepared and carefree while preparing meals for either suhoor or Iftar.
Most importantly, if things are not going according to the plan you have drawn up, don’t worry and trust in Allah for he is the ultimate planner.

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