Saturday, June 6, 2015

What Finger Length reveals about your Personality?

People all over the world often refer to many things to learn more about themselves, some refer to horoscopes which take into account your birth period and the arrangement of the stars. There are numerous other methods of supposedly finding out more about you. Some people are devout believers of these methods and claim they have helped them greatly in their lives, while others claim this is only a concoction of the idle mind and do not believe in all this stuff. However recently we have come across a new method which takes into account certain specifications of your own body and those specifications in turn reveal a great deal about you and your personality and nature.

Nobody in these modern times could have thought that the length of your finger could make you learn a lot about yourself. There are 3 different categories, and the people who fall into the respective categories have different character traits and different personality types. If you want to find out what category you fall into just look at your left hand, with your palm facing outward. You can find a great deal about yourself in only a few minutes.

The first category is the pragmatic and charming person. Most people would immediately relate themselves to this category. The people, who have a ring finger which is longer than their index finger, tend to be extremely charming and are also irresistible to be charmed away by. People of this category can always talk their way out of any sticky situation. In addition to their charming ways the people of this category are extremely efficient and aggressive problem solvers. The people of this category are also extremely compassionate, and often are employed as engineers, scientists, soldiers and also puzzle masters.

The second category is of the people who are confident and are always the people who get things done for themselves and others. The people who fall in this category have ring fingers which are shorter than their index fingers and are also the self confident type. The people of this category often prefer and enjoy their solitude, and it is in this solitude that they accomplish and complete the things they want to get done and also work on themselves and aim to accomplish new feats. This is no way means that the people of this category are introverts. These people are extremely focused on their goal and also do not like it when their focus is disturbed or moved. The people who fall in this category are often grateful for what they have been blessed with, but have a hunger inside them which drives them to achieve more and more.

The third category we have is that of the Peacenik. The people in this group often avoid any and all types of conflicts and are peace loving people. The people who fall in this group have the index finger as the same length as their ring finger. The people of this category are extremely well organized people and love just getting along with everyone. These peaceful people although have a fiery core which is suppressed during their daily routine.

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