Monday, June 29, 2015

What to do to be an Active Resident of Saudi Arabia?

Social responsibility is something worth taking. Majority of the people in KSA keep on complaining about government actions and civil issues. Not only citizens, but expats are also active in blame game for several social evils. It is obvious that a society has all factors including good and evil. Blame games, criticism and debate for the sake of debate are old customs now. Centuries have proven that such attitude is not going to solve any issue; rather it contributes in extension of social evils. Speaking out loud is a quiet easy job to do, as everyone masters it.  The best thing to be an active citizen is to not only point out the flaws in a society but also suggest solutions for them. The social awareness is something really missing in global community. Being a patriotic and active social icon, one has to understand the importance of optimism. Every place, region or country of the world has several issues, benefits and require several compromises for natives. The best attitude is to take out the positive things and contribute actively to remove negativity triggers from society.

Terrorism and security issues are the biggest social evils global world is facing today. The world social sectors have segregated nations in different social and financial classes and level. It has led to an attitude of suppression and dominance of one sector of world over other classes. The suppressed sectors of society try to resist the pressure and the results are obviously in harmful reaction of oppressors. KSA has been nominated as region of most optimistic people in Middle East according to a recent research. The research conducted has stated that Saudi citizens are most hopeful and optimistic among rest of the Arabs.  This attitude has to be promoted among KSA citizens whether they are natives or expats. A good and active social member has some specific qualities which contribute in betterment and reform of society.

Be responsible: An active citizen takes responsibility for his acts and doings. Try to be a responsible person who spreads awareness among fellow citizens. If you have committed something wrong, take responsibility for your misconduct. You have hurt someone or damaged some property, try to compensate that loss by alternative solutions. A responsible person actually keeps himself contented and relaxed by comforting others. 

Be optimistic: Set a positive approach instead of blaming or cursing government or public. A practical person can achieve the desired goals and outcomes he requires in his life. If you are tired of messy roads, try to spread awareness regarding importance of cleanliness and motivate others to adopt hygienic activities instead of criticism and lame debates.

Be courteous: An active citizen shows courtesies even in worst circumstances or in moments of loss. Courtesy is the key to win hearts and people’s consent. Try to keep patience for other citizens and fellow members to ease them in their livelihoods.  A courteous citizen can lead others toward positive changes in society.

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