Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Samsung is more popular in Saudi Arabia? Research conducted by King Saudi University

The Apple versus Samsung debate is one that can be carried on for weeks and months with no one possible clear cut winner. The people of different countries have a loyalty or a preference of either one of these cellular device companies. This debate has now come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well. A new study done from the King Saud University has thrown light on this debate. According to the research studies carried out in the University it has become evident that the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are significantly more inclined towards Samsung, than they are towards Apple products. The research indicates that the language plays a vital role when people are choosing between the two smart phone giants.

Smart phones have come out as the primary means of doing social networking while also enhancing our connectivity with the rest of the world greatly. Amongst the smart phones which are available in the market, the Galaxy series of Samsung, and the Apple iPhonehave gained widespread popularity more than any other cellular device or even any other company.According to media reports the sales of the Samsung Galaxy smart phones, greatly outnumber those of the Apple iPhone in the Kingdom. The Dean of the King Saud University, Dr. Esam Alwagait, has researched the E – transactions and also the communications, and along with a Deanship researcher, Basit Shahzad, has provided vital insight into the reason as to why Samsung is outselling Apple.

Dr. Alwagait has stated that according to his research the Apple is more popular in the English speaking countries, while the Samsung smart phones dominate elsewhere, especially in Asia and Africa. He adds that his research suggests that the Samsung smart phone is definitely more user friendly for those who do not speak English. Dr. Alwagait and Mr. Basit Shahzad selected specifically Twitter for the study they were conducting as the social networking giant has more than 24 million visitors per month and more than 500 million tweets per day.Some of the points which were included in their findings were:

The Samsung smart phones are universally more popular than any other cellular phone brand.
The Android operating system is also more popular universally the Apple operating system known as the iOS.
Those who use the Apple iPhones are more likely to be living in a country which speaks English, rather than those people who use Samsung smart phones.
Although English is the primary language of choosing for the followers of the two brands, Samsung is much more popular in areas, where English is not a primary language.

If the continental review is taken into consideration, Samsung is significantly increasingly popular in Asia, North and South America, Europe and in Africa, while the Apple iPhones are more popular in Australia.
Although Samsung has a huge lead over Apple in the African and Asian markets, it has an extremely narrow lead over Apple in Europe. 

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