Monday, June 29, 2015

Saudi Wife deflates tires of Husband’s vehicle on his 2nd Marriage threat

Second marriage of husbands has become a nightmare for Arab women. Due to increase in ratio of second, third and fourth marriages of husbands, wives remain insecure about their position in husbands’ lives. Recently a Saudi wife committed deflation of her husband’s car tire for continuous five days. The husband kept on joking with her wife on various occasions about possibility of his second marriage. He mentioned seriously that he is planning to get married once again. The wife got seriously depressed due to his filthy jokes and thought to do something to make him stop from his intention for getting married for second time.

Out of confusion, the wife decided to drag her husband in trouble by deflating her car’s tires so that he may face same level of stress she borne due to his non serious and careless behavior. Implementing her plan to take revenge from husband, she decided to deflate his car’s tires which he used to park in garage of house. The practice of car deflation continued for five days and consequently husband faced grave trouble due to reaching late at work. Due to continuous pressure and tension, the husband decided to solve the puzzle, and just to check the possibility of involvement of his wife in this prank, he parked the car next day outside home.

Next morning the tire was in absolute condition and he reached work in time. It proved that his wife has been involved in deflating of tire for five day. Encountering his wife, she confessed that she took revenge for his ugly jokes regarding second marriage. The husband got shocked by seriousness of wife regarding his jokes to such extent. Out of furry he swore that before the incident he was just kidding, but now he will get married once again at any cost to teach her a lesson.

In KSA divorce rate has raised up to dangerous extent after western countries. The wives get suspicious regarding their husband activities over little and non-sense clues and never let even a single chance to miss for acting like a detective agent or James bond 007. This distrustful behavior of women have led to the destruction of spirit of marriages and husbands have become more prone to get new partners. Recently a wife implicated her husband in huge traffic fines of SR 300,000 as a lesson for getting married second time.

While the husband was celebrating his second marriage, during wedding night the first wife and her brother intentionally drove her husband’s pickup car through traffic red lights in order to make him accountable for fines by Saher. The brother and sister drove by breaking several red lights purposefully in order to increase the amount of fine as the pickup van and license no. got caught by CCTV cameras. Due to camera capture and continuous violation of traffic rules, the video got viral. Consequently the husband got charged by Saher for more than SR 300,000.

Source: Gulf News

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