Friday, June 5, 2015

Woman working on 4 Jobs every day for her Children found dead in her Car

Most of us know how hard it has become these days to work and support our families, while also saving up for the future. One woman in America reportedly was working four jobs, when she accidentally passed away while taking rest in between shifts in her car.A woman from New Jersey, who was at that time working four jobs, could not sleep for 5 days at a time. One of her co-workers reported this when the Woman was found dead while taking a nap between the shifts in her car on the side of a road. The woman whose name was Maria Fernandez died inside her car which was a 2001 KIA sportage, after she had inhaled some carbon monoxide and fumes which had come from the overturned fuel canister that she carried with her in the car, as reported by New York Daily News.

The 32 year old woman had just pulled into a WAWA convenience store parking lot in the area of Elizabeth, New Jersey for a quick nap in the early hours of Monday. Fernandez was discovered dead in the car about 8 hours later when the medical emergency team had been called in when someone saw the woman unconscious in the car and called 911 to report it. The emergency workers upon opening the door immediately smelled the strong chemical fumes which had filled the car, as reported by authorities.An autopsy which had been carried out on the body did not successfully determine any plausible causes of death. The police are also awaiting the toxicology reports. Lt. Daniel Saulnier of the Elizabeth police said that there was no suspicion of foul play.

The woman had emigrated to the United States of America from Portugal. Fernandez was also adored and loved by all of her co-workers, at the dunkin donuts where she worked, and she was often called the model employee.One of her coworkers revealed that she would work three shifts back to back every day and would not sleep for five days straight. The woman also worked at the Harrison and Linden chain stores in the area. Other co-workers have dubbed her an extremely hardworking woman and also a very humorous and sweet person.

The woman is believed to be a hardcore Michael Jackson fan that, as reported by her coworker, often used to break out in dance and songs of Michael Jackson.The police are attempting to find her sister who lives back in Portugal or his brother who works as a trucker in another state. It is estimated that around 7.5 million Americans are working more than 1 job at a time to support their families and barely save anything in the process.

There have been great amount of downsizing by the companies and the people who had been let go of, have been re hired but under part time contracts and a 1/3 pay cuts which force them to fund other jobs to survive.

Source: Daily Mail

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