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5 Things to do in Ad’Diriyah Village, Riyadh

The city of Ad’Diriyah is a historic city, where the first ever Saudi State was established in 1745. This city has been undergoing restoration as part of a project since 2011. People have been anxiously waiting for the restoration to be finished, as this place has a lot to offer. Every time one goes to Diriyah, they often end up discovering something new about the place, an old watch tower, a small stream with picnic spots and even some shady alleyways with colorful doors. You never really know what it is that you will discover. Here are some things you can do to spend your time at Diriyah;

5 Things to do in Ad’Diriyah
  1. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the palace and also the ruins of the old city, find the well in the old city, have a picnic by the waterfall or even visit one of the many cafes found around the city. Exploring the Bujairy marketplace and its surrounding areas feels as if you have gone back in time, to the time when this place was the real hub of the city. There are many shops, restaurants and businesses operating in the area already and it is estimated that many more will soon follow. Most of these businesses open after the Asr prayers. There is also news that a cultural center, museum and also a visitors information center will open there soon.
  2. The Ad’Diriyah is a sort of paradise for all those who love beautiful doors. Anybody who loves seeing unique designs on doors and beautifully painted doors would love to just stroll around the city and take in the view. These old door designs have been turned into unique and beautiful phone covers which can be easily bought, amongst other themed souvenirs, through online stores. While observing you will notice that the tribal like pattern on these doors is often repeated on doors, gates, windows and panels across the historical area.
  3. The mosques, both old and new can be visited. They are truly uniquely designed and beautiful mosques and the most famous mosque in all of Saudi Arabia, the Sheikh Mohamad bin Abdul Wahab mosque, can also be found near the Diriyah city walls. So far these efforts to renovate and rejuvenate the old city have been successful. Many other mosques can also be found in the area, especially near the new Al Bujairi Plaza.
  4. The old city has several antique stores and souvenir gift shops and art galleries that have already opened in the Diriyah marketplace. There are many more to be opened soon. The AMA Art Venue has already been opened and there is also a small coffee shop within the gallery.
  5. Last but not least, you can indulge in a great dining experience in the Najd Village Restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic Saudi cuisine in a traditional Saudi ambience and set up, by seating you in small Saudi tents. Additionally the Diriyah branch overlooks the ruins of the palace and the old city. It is a great spot for those who have come as tourists to Riyadh.
Source: Blue Abaya

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