Wednesday, July 15, 2015

6 Years Jail for Secretly Filming Women

The sources of Justice Department said that 63 years old Jewish Rabbi serving in Washington is given a punishment of “more than six years in prison”. He admitted that he had been videotaping women through spy cameras as the women were busy in preparing for Jewish rituals baths. 63 years old Rabbi Bernard “Barry” Fruendel was given this punishment of imprisonment after he was pleaded guilty in the month of February. He had been videotaping the women for 5 years i.e. from 2009 to 2014.

Mr. Geoffry Alpin, the Judge of Superior court announced a sentence of 45 days imprisonment of Freundal for each of his victims of videotaping. Since the total victims were 52, the total sentence of imprisonment is six and a half years. The sources of justice Department have confirmed it. The judge of Superior court, Mr. Geoffry Alprin said that the actions of Rabbi were an ultimate abuse and misuse of power and extreme violation of trust conferred by the disciples. The convicted Rabbi, Freundal, was taken by the police in immediate custody and his imprisonment started.

Cathy Lanier, the Chief of Washington’s Metropolitan police epartment called the Rabbi as predator. She said that the conviction and imprisonment of the culprit will be a source of satisfaction for the victims. They will have a feeling that state authorities have done justice in their case. Cathy Lanier also mentioned that the shameful acts of this Rabbi have hurt a religious community and it is a matter of shame of the community as a whole. His actions have also shown an extreme disregard for the position of high trust he was given by the community.

Freundel, the Rabbi of Kesher Israel Congregation that is located in the capital’s northwest area, was arrested by the police in October 2014. This arrest was made after a clock radio was discovered. This clock radio contained a hidden camera/recording device and it was positioned as facing the shower area in the national capital mikvah (mikvah is a ritual bath according to Jews). It was adjacent to Kesher Israel.  After this the residence of Rabbi was under search by police and his office located at Towson University was also searched. This extensive search revealed recordings of a number of women, these recordings were done through secret devices placed in the changing room of that mikvah and recordings were done at the time when the women were totally or partially nude.

The story does not end up with the secret recording of 52 women. Forensic examinations of his computers also revealed that in addition to these 52 women, the Rabbi Barry Fruendel has secretly filmed about 100 other women as well. These one hundred women are also in different states of undress. He had been doing all this from 2009. This incident is no doubt a matter of sorrow and shame for an entire religious community. Moreover it is a matter of higher consideration for those who criticize the strict punishments given in Saudi Arabia to the culprits.

Source: Arab News

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