Saturday, July 25, 2015

8 Remarkable Facts about Pakistan

Most of the western world have heard or read about Pakistan from their local media, which is actually quite biased against Pakistan. Day after day we get to hear or read about the death toll in Pakistan or the terrorism taking place in Pakistan; however the media doesn’t highlight or promote any of the positive aspects of the beautiful country.  Today we will tell you some facts which you most probably had never heard of about Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the whole world. This ambulance service was started by the most prominent Pakistani philanthropist and social worker, Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. Along with the ambulance service, he has also established the Edhi trust which consists of many orphanages, old age homes and hospitals.
  2. It is recorded that more than half of the total footballs on earth have been made and are being made constantly in Pakistan. Even though the country themselves have never qualified for the FIFA world cup, their footballs have been used time and again in every level of the sport. Brands like Adidas and other popular brands all work with Pakistan due to the high quality of their sporting goods.
  3. Pakistan is home to the highest polo ground in the world. The ground known as Shandur Top, also known as the Roof of the World is a polo ground located at a height of 12,200 feet, and is located in Chitral, Pakistan. Each year people from all over the country make way to Chitral where they enjoy the most unique polo match in the world. The matches are played between the home teams of Chitral and Gilgit amongst other regions.
  4. Pakistan is also home to one of the biggest deserts around the world. The Thar Desert is classified as the 9th largest sub tropical desert and dates back almost 10,000 years, when it used to be a water source for the historical Indus Valley Civilization.
  5. Speaking of the biggest, Pakistan is also home to the biggest lake in Asia called the Manchar Lake. This Manchar Lake is located in the Jamshoro district in the province of Sindh. The lake is the largest fresh water lake in Asia and the biggest lake in Pakistan too. The total area of the lake varies with the seasons however it ranges from 350 km squared up to 520 km squared. The lake collects the water from many small rivers and streams in the Kirthar Mountains and then drains into the Indus River.
  6. The Karakoram Highway, which is the highest paved international road in the entire world, is located in Pakistan. The Karakoram Highway connects the Sinkiang Uighur of China with the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The road takes the travelers across the Karakoram mountain range, through the Khunjerab pass which is located 15,397 feet high.
  7. The Gwadar Port in Pakistan is the largest deep sea port in the world. The Port is located in the southwest province of Balochistan. The port was made in collaboration with China and has recently started operations.
  8. Pakistan has the 4th largest coal reserve in the world which has an estimated worth of around $2500 billion. This coal can be used in the production of 50,000 megawatts of electricity for the next 5 centuries. This can also be used to fulfill their fuel demands better than Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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