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8 Things to do in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters during summer

Anybody who is going to be in the Kingdom during the extremely hot summer months, is most probably going to be on the lookout for things to do to beat the summer heat. Schools are also out during the summer months and many families are aching to go out for activities rather than staying indoors. One of my favorite places is the DQ or the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh. Here are a few fun things you can do in the ‘DQ’;

8 Things to do in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarters during summer
  1. Everybody can have fun at the Wave pool which is located in the Sports Club. This comprises of a giant wave pool along with children area, slides, lounging area and a restaurant too. There isn’t much more anyone could ask for. There are separate days for ladies and gents; however a membership is required to get inside the pool. There have been reports of a few people getting into the pool by paying a small fee of SAR50.

  2. You can indulge in long walks to unwind along the nature trail that goes around the area. You can view the breathtaking sight of Wadi Hanifa on one side and The Ritz Carlton Hotel on the other side of the quarter. There is a cooling breeze during the summer months, thanks to the valley and you can rest in any of the shades along the way.
  3. One can also enjoy the outdoor breakfast at the marvelous Kindy Plaza. You can be seated next to the fountains which provide the area with a cooling breeze. There is a wide variety of breakfast places to choose form such as Quiznos, House of Donuts, Kudu’s and the Diet Center for a wide array of breakfast choices. The younger ones can spend their time playing, roller skating or cycling in the enormous plaza.
  4. There is also the Prince Salman Science Oasis which can be visited just off circle 4 inside the Sports Club facility. The Science Oasis offers fun and exciting activities for young ones and provides a learning experience for everyone.
  5. Are you a fan of strolling? Then the lush and beautifully crafted gardens in the diplomatic quarter should definitely be visited. Every garden has a different design and provides resting places as well as playgrounds for the kids. Every park and garden has a fountain to keep you cool.
  6. You can also visit the extravagant women’s only center Manahil to be pampered. There is a design shop, gym and restaurant in addition to the salon and spa. They also have a secluded pool for use by women.
  7. The Italian restaurant Scalinis which is located in the Fazari plaza serves great food, does not require reservations and is an Abaya free zone. A must try for all families with a liking for Italian food.
  8. For those who are interested in playing sports, you can indulge in a game of cricket, basketball or football in the Yamamah Park which is located off circle 8. The park has a large fountain area with shade, playground. A huge grass field, soccer field and a basketball court. In addition to this there is also a walking track, a bicycling area with shade and a mosque.

Source: Blue Abaya

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