Saturday, July 4, 2015

90% of Accidents in KSA are caused by 5 Types of Traffic Violations

The roads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are without a doubt unfortunately one of the most dangerous roads to be on, as compare to anywhere in the world. This is particularly more so due to the fact that these roads hold the record for one of the highest percentage of car accidents on earth. A recent study conducted by Najem has also shed some light on this particular issue. In accordance to the study that had been conducted by Najem, a majority or 90 percent of all the traffic accidents to take place on the roads of Saudi Arabia happen due to only 5 primary reasons. These 5 primary reasons are;

  1. The use of the cellular phone or smart phone while driving. Video screens in the front are also equally as bad as the use of the cell phone as it can also distract the driver. Saudi government has taken active action against this violation recently and imposed a fine up to SR 15,000 if someone is caught using mobile phone while driving. Read more here “SR 15,000 Fine, 1 Night in Jail and 30 Days Vehicle Confiscation if caught using Mobile while Driving
  2. Most car drivers in Saudi Arabia do not keep the adequate distance that is required to stop your car in case the car in front stops.
  3. Changing the course or setting to an unexpected course while in the middle of the road.
  4. Failing to adhere by the rules which are required to be followed at a roundabout
  5. Failure to stop at an intersection especially when the traffic signal has turned red. If someone is caught crossing red light, he is fined and convicted for 24 hours in Jail. Read more here “Crossing Red Light will result in 24 Hours Jail

Although these common mistakes may seem pretty basic to most drivers, and while most of the drivers reading this will claim that they do not do any of the things mentioned above, there is a reason why these mistakes cause almost all the accidents which happen on the roads of Saudi Arabia. Even though the roads of Saudi Arabia are considered as one of the best made roads in the world, the quality of the driving on the roads make them one of the most dangerous too. Only if these basic mistakes were adamantly avoided, the roads of Saudi Arabia can once again be true to its reputation as one of the best in the world.

Most of these mistakes although pretty common, aren’t all the mistakes which account for the accidents which occur not only on the roads of Saudi Arabia but everywhere in the world. The most important factor which most regularly leads to accidents is lack of patience or lack of attention. Firstly lack of patience is also accountable for most of the road rage that we see on the roads today; however let’s talk about accidents right now.

Lack of patience makes most people regularly switch lanes or drive at high speeds which are both key factors in accidents. Lack of attention is however completely the opposite, it usually occurs when you have ample amount of time and when you are not in a rush.  While driving around casually you may feel the need to check your cell phone, which as mentioned above is a high accident risk factor. However if you were on an errand or trying to get somewhere important, you may hesitate to check the phone, but then again you would most likely be speeding.  Remember that there is a reason why they don’t let you drive before the age of 18, as it requires a certain amount of maturity and responsibility.

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