Saturday, July 25, 2015

Army Officers Jailed for Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

The Riyadh Special Criminal Court has just sentenced six civilians alongside 2 officers of the armed forces, to terms behind bars which ranged from one to 17 years. These 8 people were charged for having a hand in terror related activities. The Special Criminal Court has found all of the accused defendants guilty of forming a terror group or terrorist cell which was operating from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They were supporting Al Qaedas mindset which was to attack on public and private property and also adopting Takfiri ideas.

The Special Criminal court found the first defendant, an officer of the armed forces, had rebelled or gone rogue against the Kingdom by going hand in hand with terrorists, adopting Takfiri ideas and also supporting Al Qaeda. The news was reported by a local publication in the Kingdom. The same officer was also found involved in the assassination attempt / terror attack on the Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Naif, and also entering the Yanbu refinery to attack. The Court ruled that the officer had completely broken his military oath and thus sentenced him to a jail term of 16 years and once he gets out he will be banned from leaving the country for another 16 years. The second defendant was also a soldier who had been convicted of travelling to places of instability and unrest and also uploading takfiri material in favor of Al Qaeda on to the internet. The soldier too was convicted of completely breaking his military oath by personally teaching members of Al Qaeda the proper way to manufacture bombs. The soldier was sentenced to a jail term of 3 and half years and a subsequent 3.5 years of travel ban upon his release.

The third and fourth defendants were also found guilty on the charges of rebellion against the government, holding meetings and talks with banned terrorist organizations and also personally participating in the attack which targeted Prince Mohammad Bin Naif. The defendants received 17 and 16 years in jail respectively and banned from leaving the country for the same period after their release.

The fifth and sixth defendants were found guilty of rebellion against the government, travelling to places of instability and trouble, training the Al Qaeda and Taliban, receiving money from various sources to support them and also publishing takfiri ideology and ideas onto the internet. They were sentenced to five and 11 years in jail respectively and a ban on leaving the country for the same amount of time.

The seventh and eighth defendants were found guilty on charges of spreading news of fighters in troubled areas and also working with them, adopting of takfiri ideology, holding meetings with banned terrorists, manufacturing of explosives. Since the seventh defendant only spread word of the fighters, he was given 1 year in jail and permanent deportation after the sentence. The eighth defendant got 17 years in jail plus an additional SAR 40,000 as fine, and a ban on leaving the country for the same amount of time.

Giving punishment to the Army officers shows the high level of justice prevalent in Saudi Society. Everyone is equal against law. If you ask me about the basic foundation of Islam, I would not say Salah, Zakat or Hajj. The basic of Islam is Adal. 
Source: Arab News

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