Friday, July 31, 2015

Brave Saudi helped Police to catch the criminals who stabbed a woman

Heroes are born not made. It is not often that we get to see a young man valiantly defending his fellow human beings without any hope for reward or recognition. One such brave and valiant young man was found in Jeddah. Abdullah Al Sharbini is like your average young guy, he regularly likes to skate in the Cornice area in Jeddah, however on one of these skating days in the cornice, Abdullah witnessed a horrific event which made the hero inside him.

A 23 year old Saudi woman was visiting the Starbucks located in the cornice area accompanied by two of her female cousins. Both the cousins went inside the coffee shop to order their coffees while the young 23 year old woman was standing outside the shop, taking pictures of the immensely beautiful cornice area of Jeddah. While she was taking photographs of the beautiful surroundings a middle aged Saudi man approached her and without any shame or hesitation started harassing her with extreme persistence. The 23 year old Saudi woman was not interested in the man’s advances, and the man got so furious at the rejection of his advances that he took out a paper cutter from inside his thobe pocket and stabbed the unsuspecting young woman on the neck with it.

After his initial attack, the assailant pushed the Saudi woman and continued to repeatedly stab her and would not stop until one of the bystanders realized what happened and rushed to the woman’s help. The bystander pushed the crazed attacker onto the pavement after which he managed to get back on to his feet and tried to escape in his car. Seeing the attacker trying to escape after attempting to murder the young Saudi woman, Abdullah sprang into action and went after the assailant, who was armed with a paper cutter, while not caring about his own safety. Abdullah successfully managed to get a clear photograph of the license plate number of the assailant’s vehicle and it was this photograph which helped the Jeddah police immensely in locating and apprehending this violent ruthless man.

This brave and heroic act by the young Saudi Abdullah has become viral on social media and he has now become a symbol of how brave and courageous ordinary citizens can bring major changes and help bring justice to our society.

The young 23 year old Saudi woman who was the victim of this horrific attack was under strict supervision in the ICU and showed great positive signs of recovery. The uncle of the Victim, Ahmed Alaa Darwish stated that his entire family was extremely grateful to the brave, valiant and quick efforts of all the bystanders who helped call the ambulance at the right time. The Uncle Ahmed was also extremely grateful to Abdullah, because of whom, the young woman got justice and her attacker was apprehended.Bravo to Abdullah, every young man should aspire to be as selfless and courageous as this young boy, and our prayers are with the victim and her family.

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