Friday, July 31, 2015

Buddhists and Christians arranged Iftar Parties for Muslims in Ramadan

A Buddhist Monastery located in Bangladesh has been serving food to many poor Muslims during the auspicious month of Ramadan, in a fine example of inter faith harmony and brotherhood in the South Asian Nation.Dharmarajika which is located in the Capital Dhaka had become a social media sensation since they started distribution of the daily food packages for Muslims during the time of the breaking of the fast also known as Iftar.Suddhananda Mahathero, the head monk of the monastery stated that Buddhism has taught everyone to serve humanity, which is the ultimate religion. He added that they are feeding those poor Muslims who can’t afford to purchase their own proper meals for the time of Iftar.

On any given day in Ramadan, upwards of 300 Muslims can be seen waiting at the gate of the monastery, which is located in the Basabo neighborhood in the Capital city of Dhaka, to receive Iftar delicacies.Amena Khatun a 70 year old woman said that she comes here to eat good food which is prepared and served with love and care. She travels roughly seven kilometers to get to the monastery for food.Police aid in ensuring everything remains in order as young monks distribute coupons and tickets amongst the Muslims. The Muslim community makes up for almost 90 percent of the 160 million population of Bangladesh. There are small communities of Buddhists resign in the south east of the country, the region which borders Myanmar.

In September of 2012 huge groups of Muslims torched and destroyed many Buddhist temples in the southern region of Bangladesh after accusations arose that a Buddhist man had desecrated the Holy Quran.Many Muslims from around the world thanked the Dharmarajika monastery for distributing food to the hungry Muslims. The monastery was first established in 1949 and is currently home to more than 700 orphans who study at the free school run by the monastery.Along with our Buddhist brother, our Christian brothers are also helping out Muslims in this Holy Month, that too right here in the Kingdom.

Sami B. Marquez, a Filipino Christian expatriate came to work in the Kingdom some seven months ago and had been truly taken aback by the caring nature and spirits of the Muslim people.Instantly he found the best way to pay back to his helpful Muslim brothers. Marquez, a training coordinator joined a volunteer camp which feeds Muslims during the month of Ramadan. The volunteer group had been organized for the past 8 years by the Nour Islamic Cultural Center which is located near the Jami Al Furqan mosque.

Sami said that since he had arrived he had been treated exceptionally in this country hence he took an oath to give back to the Muslims. He said that he was impressed by how hard the Muslims work during Ramadan, enduring heat, thirst and hunger. The supervisor of the camp Sami joined, Sheikh Ahmadullahstated that the Nour Islamic Cultural Center openly welcomes all non Muslims to come, volunteer and participate in its events and campaigns.

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