Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cleaning and Labor Jobs are out of Nitaqat Program

For a vast amount of years now, the Ministry of Labor and its Labor Laws have been extremely consistent in the application process of the Nitaqat Program. With the help of this program, the private companies and the establishments are expected to Saudize some jobs (for those who may not know, Saudizing a job is when private sector jobs held by foreign workers are given to Saudi Nationals). If these private sector companies fail to do so they might be at risk of falling into the low green, yellow and even red levels (green-red ministry rating) which will then disallow them any access to the services provided by the ministry which includes foreign recruitment.

After so many years the Labor Ministry has finally realized that the nationalization of the jobs of cleaning and construction workers was just not possible. Therefore the Ministry has finally pulled out of these categories from the jobs listed in the Saudization plan in the Nitaqat program. Even though it took some time for the ministry to pull out of this category, in my short time in KSA (in comparison to the members of the ministry) I have yet to see a Saudi national working as a laborer. Hence my question is; was the ministry really thinking that the Saudi people will accept to do these jobs.

Since the discovery of oil and constant economic well being, the people of Saudi Arabia, have unfortunately started thinking that such jobs are beneath them or their stature. In other words they feel a sense of entitlement to the better off jobs in their own country, while the foreign workers who make up almost 1/3 of the total population, get whatever jobs are left. Even though some people might not like what I have written, it is what I have learned from my brief time here in KSA and please if someone thinks I am wrong please correct me, but even in a beautiful and highly developed country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who have the largest oil reserves in the world, there are those living under the poverty line.

Primarily, any job which provides income which has been earned through hard work is equal to the other regardless of the amount of payment you will be receiving for the job that you have done. Having an income is far better than not earning anything or not willing to work a certain type of job.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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