Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crossing Red Light to provide way to Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles all over the world, for instance ambulances, emergency rescue teams or fire trucks, are given preference on the roads and are generally given way, regardless of the amount of traffic or the time of day. Hence it makes sense that these emergency vehicles are not fined or ticketed while rushing to emergency locations or while on emergency duty anywhere in the world. In accordance to the report by Okaz newspaper, the eastern region traffic department spokesman, Colonel Ali Al Zahrani has assured everyone in his statement that it is permitted to cross a red light while there is an Emergency vehicle stuck behind on the traffic signal in order to allow the emergency vehicle to reach its destination.

He assured the motorists that this is not considered a violation of the traffic laws and the drivers who will give way to the emergency vehicle by crossing the red light will not be fined for violating traffic laws. According to spokesman Colonel Al Zahrani, Saher has been programmed not to issue any traffic violation ticket if the crossing of the red light has been done to facilitate the crossing of an emergency vehicle. He added however that this only applies to the lane in which the emergency vehicle is located, and only the cars of that lane are allowed to cross the red light.

Spokesman Colonel Al Zahrani added to his statement that there is a clear and evident article in the traffic laws in which it is clearly written that such an act is not considered a violation of traffic laws since it serves a higher purpose. He said that the drivers on the roads also need to try their best to cooperate and facilitate emergency vehicles and give them preference over themselves. Even seconds count in times of emergency. The point of this article is to let the drivers on the roads of Saudi Arabia know that they can easily facilitate these emergency vehicles in case they see one stuck behind them in traffic.

This is however not all, a few unfortunate times I witnessed something which I was not aware that humans were capable of. I have seen drivers and motorists trying to overtake these ambulances or try and take advantage if some other car is trying to make way for them. My point being is simple, it is our responsibility to allow these emergency vehicles, be it Ambulances, fire trucks or any other sort, to reach their destination as soon as possible. Accidents can happen anywhere anytime today it is someone else in the ambulance tomorrow it can be me or you. Do we really want someone to try and cutoff the fire truck on its way to rescue people from a burning building?

By giving way to these emergency vehicles, you and I could actually save a life, and there is nothing better than to save a life. Hope a lesson has been learnt from all of what I have written above. Even if you receive a ticket of Saher Cameras while you were providing way to the Emergency Vehicle, you can challenge them following this link  “Procedure to Challenge/Dispute Traffic Violation

Source: KSA Motory

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