Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Did Hitler really kill the German Cricket Team?

During one of my most exciting foreign trips to one of the most dangerous yet beautiful places on earth, Pakistan, I heard a unique and mind boggling thing which really was something new for me. During my stay in Pakistan I was told again and again that Adolf Hitler had the entire German cricket team killed. Now before going into the details the first thing which clicked my mind was that I have never seen or heard of a national German cricket team. Nevertheless, in the case of Hitler we will just assume that he did it, for now, but the question still arises as to why the entire German team was killed. Furthermore even if they had been killed by the German Dictator, why did the team not get reinstated with new players after the war was over?

To find out the truth behind this rumor / theory whatever you might want to call it, we tried to ask the internet, focusing primarily on a mix of Pakistani and foreign people. Although a lot of answers did come in from all over the world, they were generally more or less assumptions and / or trolls who were just having a bit of fun on the internet. Firstly we take into account what Christine from Aurich Germany wrote. She writes that even though she knows not of the part involving Hitler, but in accordance to the official German Cricket Association website, the Germans have been playing cricket since the 1850’s and by 1945 there were only four blubs left which were all located in Berlin. She adds that cricket wasn’t really popular or heard of until the 1980s. The association itself was founded in 1988. The German association is an associate member of the international cricket council and is ranked as no.18 in the world.

Even though most questions had been answered by this native German woman, we decided to take into account the story of a native Pakistani, which is the homeland to this mind boggling rumor. Arshad from Pakistan states that he has already been told this story numerous times in his time in Pakistan; however he does not believe that Hitler actually killed the cricket team. He supposes that after watching the performance of the team or after a disappointing run by the team, Hitler decided to pull the plug or kill the team, which basically means disbanding it.

Along with these people who answered sensibly and provided insight to our query, there were also those present, as they always are on the internet, who decided to troll around with us. Since I could not stop laughing at one of these troll posts, I would like to share that with you. Abdul from Karachi, Pakistan stated that Hitler probably killed the team because the game was too long. Keeping in mind that classic cricket matches were all test matches lasting 5 days. It should be noted that short games like ODI and T20 are relatively new additions to the legendary game of cricket.

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