Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dos and Don'ts of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Since the invention of the Internet, humans have tried to cash in off the opportunity as humans have loved money since currency was initially created. One of the most ingenious ways of making money off the internet was enabling people to sell most things online through a simple digital transaction. The items available for sale online differ from country to country depending on the legality of the items in the respective countries. Even though online shopping was a great hit, due to the lazy nature of humans, there were undoubtedly some scams, pitfalls and downsides to the convenient online shopping. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts that people in Saudi Arabia should be aware of while shopping online.

Dos of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia
  1. DO: It is very important that a verified payment method like escrow or PayPal be used along with a low limit credit card be used while buying things online, especially if the seller or site is new or unknown to you. Making an account on these verified payment services is extremely easy and user friendly.
  2. DO: It is a good idea to compare the prices between sites. Sometimes an article of clothing which you might like on one site might be on sale on another site hence you can save money and in turn get more out of the same amount of money. On online Marketplaces it is a good idea to check prices between sellers too, or between the same store in two or more different locations such as US amazon and UK amazon.
  3. DO: It is crucial for all regular internet shoppers and also first timers to find and use a site or marketplace which provides free shipping to your location, in this case Saudi Arabia. Sites like Asos or offer such free deliveries to the Kingdom. This can truly help save regular buyers from hefty delivery charges. It is also a good idea to register your house or residence with the Saudi Post. You can get a yearly subscription to the post and they deliver the package straight to your doorstep once it has been cleared. This is less tiring and also you can get all your mail personally delivered to you by a mailman in a truck.

Don’ts of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia
  1. DON’T: Never use a high limit credit card while purchasing things online. Even though this might be common sense, it is better to repeat this warning rather than getting conned or robbed off.
  2. DON’T: it is not a good idea to stick solely to one site for your online purchases, although if you have found a site or buyer which provides you great discounts, the internet is full of online shopping places which might just offer better rates than your regular online seller or marketplace.
  3. DON’T: One should not always stick to shipping into Saudi Arabia, even if the online store or market place offers these services. Some online shops and sites immediately add a huge delivery charge of SAR 200 to the prices on Saudi Arabia oriented websites or pages.
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